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Prevent and Repair Premature Aging at Night

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 20, 2019

Prevent and Repair Premature Aging at Night

Does Exercise Age Your Skin?

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to living your best life and a high activity lifestyle changes over time. Unfortunately, different types of exercise can all contribute to aging skin. And of course, when you exercise, you sweat. While the sweat works to cool and cleanse your face, it also increases photosensitivity, leaving you vulnerable to irritation, collagen loss, and premature aging. These external (or extrinsic) factors are major culprits in the aging process. Other intrinsic factors play a big part too, for example, your DNA, skin color and so on. In fact, there is no single factor that is to blame for aging.



What is premature aging?

Premature aging basically refers to aging that is unnatural or accelerated. The natural chronological aging process based on our DNA means thatover time skin becomes thinner and drier. Unfortunately this is a process that today’s skincare solutions cannot change, however, there are many factors that can make skin age faster which we can stop, or at least influence.

Sun exposure, smoking, lack of sleep, intense exercise, hot water, and a bad diet can all cause premature aging, and the good news is, they are all factors we have the power to change. This is all about prevention. For example, we can use an SPF moisturizer likePROTECT ME to prevent sun damage, we can stop smoking and we can strive for better nutrition and sleep. All of these are actions we can take at any age (and basically, the sooner the better!)



Preventing and repairing damage

On the other side of things, we can work to repair the damage that has already occurred. Using high power serums and moisturizers to lock in hydration can help skin rejuvenate and can bring back a glow to tired and dull complexions. When it comes to repairing skin, locking in moisture and slowing down aging, many dermatologists advisegetting starting in your mid-20s. It might sound early but investing in your skin at this age is simple and the pay off will be huge as you get older.

Why night-time matters

The core of your anti-aging skincare routine should be moisture. We recommend natural ingredients and products free of skin-drying substances like SLS and parabens. The main products you should be adding to your routine in your 20s and 30s are a nourishing eye cream, a high impact face and neck cream, and night moisturizers. We all know that the under eye and neck areas can be the first to experience the signs of aging so it makes sense to start preventing and repairing damage there. But the night is a special time for skin - when you sleep your skin cells regenerate at a faster rate than they do during the day, and this is why night masks and moisturizers can make such a huge difference to your complexion.



Transform your night with RECOVER ME

Our brand new product, RECOVER ME, contains all the natural ingredients you need for a nourishing night time skincare routine.  The formula is powered by Argania Active Complex ©, which combines argan oil, argan leaf water, and argan stem cells to trigger antioxidation and anti-inflammation combatting UV radiation, and working to target and repair the signs of aging skin while you sleep. Simply massage a small amount of RECOVER ME onto freshly cleansed skin every night until fully absorbed.  This nighttime ritual is perfect for active sweaty skin that needs to repair itself from high-intensity movement and the elements.


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