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How to prevent post-workout breakouts? Before During and After

by Jude Jacob Kayton September 22, 2019

prevent workout-related breakouts, including removing your makeup, wiping down exercise equipment, and washing up after a good sweat

There are steps to take before, during, and after working out that will help you prevent workout-related breakouts, including removing your makeup, wiping down exercise equipment, and washing up after a good sweat. The good news is that these breakouts can be avoided with a clean workout routine.

Exercise gets your blood pumping and endorphins flowing. It makes you feel great, but those post-workout breakouts are super irritating! Contrary to popular belief, sweat does not cause breakouts. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology published a study, showing that sweating and exercise do not cause acne. It is other factors that people face when exercising, such as bacteria and clogged pores, that aggravate the skin and induce pimples. Thankfully, a clean workout routine will prevent this irritation, so let’s plan it out.

Before the workout  

-Remove your makeup. Makeup creates a barrier on your skin and traps oil, dirt, and sweat in your pores. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all makeup and allow sweat and toxins to escape while you exercise. 

-Wear clean, loose workout clothes. Bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells on dirty clothes can lead to breakouts. In addition, tight clothes can chafe acne-prone areas, inducing a flare-up. Put on clean, loose clothes before exercising to allow your skin to breathe freely without contaminants. 

-Don a headband.Hair products are not meant for your skin and can alter the skin’s pH. Unfortunately, as you sweat your hair products can drip down your face and back. Put up your hair and wear a headband in order to hair products in their place. 

-Put on sunscreen. If you are going to exercise outdoors, apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen. The sun can dry your skin, and your skin will produce more oil in defense. Then, this excess oil can block your pores. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun, excess oil production, and breakouts.

During the workout

-Pat yourself with a clean towel. Rubbing your skin can cause acne to flare. Gently pat yourself with a clean towel, as not to irritate and add contaminants to your skin.

-Avoid cross-contamination. Gym equipment, including weights, bike handles, and yoga mats, are covered with bacteria, which can cause breakouts. In order to prevent cross-contamination, do not share protective gear, like helmets and shoulder pads, and wipe down equipment before you start to use it. Make sure to use a cleaning wipe or spray provided by the gym and not your personal towel. In addition, drape your towel around your neck, as not to rest it on germ-laden equipment. 

-Do not touch your face. Even with cleaning equipment, bacteria is lurking everywhere in a gym. Lower your risk of exposure to additional bacteria by not touching your face until your post-workout cleanup.

After the workout

-Wash your hands. You already know that you are touching lots of germs at the gym. Make sure to wash your hands after your workout to avoid spreading those germs to other parts of your body. 

-Cleanse your face.A good sweat releases toxins, but it also can leave salts on your skin. Additionally, any bacteria that made its way to your face is now looking for a home. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water to remove salts and bacteria. 

-Change your clothes. Sweaty clothes are filled with dirt and bacteria. Additionally, damp clothes have a tendency to rub against your skin, which also can cause breakouts. Put on fresh clothes, so your skin can recover from your workout without irritants.

-Shower. An immediate shower after a workout is the best way to remove acne-causing bacteria. Use a gentle body cleanser to wash away toxins, oil, and sweat. If you do not have time for a shower right away, washing your hands and face, using cleansing wipes on your body, and changing your clothes is the second-best option until you can reach the shower.  

-Clean your gear. Your exercise clothes, towels, and personal equipment (yoga mats, stretching bands, etc.) are covered with sweat, oil, and bacteria after a good workout. Make sure to wash and wipe down your gear, so everything is clean and fresh for your next exercise session. 

prevent post-workout breakouts conclusion

Exercise is fabulous for your health, but post-workout breakouts can bring you down. Put your clean workout routine into action to prevent breakouts. Remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser and put on clean workout clothes before starting to exercise. Pat yourself with a clean towel and wipe down equipment throughout your workout. Remember to wash your hands, face, and body with a good cleanser to remove salts and bacteria after working out as well as to clean gear for the next session. Following this routine will prevent breakouts and give you a fantastic post-workout glow.

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