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Prevent & Repair the Signs of Aging

by Jude Jacob November 02, 2020

Prevent & Repair the Signs of Aging

Exercise & Aging

For the most part, exercise is great for your skin. It increases blood circulation which encourages cell regeneration. Your skin also releases toxins as you sweat, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion. If you have a good skincare routine that protects and repairs skin damage, then working out can actually help skin look younger.

If you have a good skincare routine that protects and repairs skin damage, then working out can actually help skin look younger.

What is premature aging?

Premature aging basically refers to aging that is unnatural or accelerated. The natural chronological aging process based on our DNA means that  over time skin naturally becomes thinner and drier. Unfortunately, this is a process that today’s skincare solutions cannot change, however there are many factors that can make skin age faster which we can stop or, at least, influence. Sun exposure, smoking, lack of sleep, intense exercise, hot water and a bad diet can all cause premature aging, and the good news is they are all factors we have the power to change.

To prevent premature aging, make washing your face, applying sunscreen, and drinking water part of your daily  skincare routine in order to keep skin glowing and healthy. In addition, products with antioxidants, Vitamin A, and frequently exfoliating can help reduce the signs of wrinkles and lines.

To prevent premature aging, make washing your face, applying sunscreen, and drinking water part of your daily skincare routine.

Use sunscreen all year round

Sun damage is one of the biggest factors causing premature aging, luckily there is a lot we can do about this. It’s important to cover up when in the sun, wearing hats, glasses and UV shielding clothing. We should also aim to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours (11am-3pm). It’s essential to apply a broad spectrum SPF moisturizer like  PROTECT ME to your face and use  PROTECT BODY all over for sun protection from head to toe. These products are also packed with antioxidants and deeply hydrating argan.

Cleanse & exfoliate regularly

Cleansing is the first step in every skincare routine. Ideally, you should cleanse in the morning and evening. Each night that we go to sleep without cleaning our face, it gets 7 days older! PURIFY ME is a perfect daily cleanser that contains jojoba beads to gently buff away dead skin cells.Exfoliating on a regular basis promotes skin cell regeneration. In addition to a daily cleanser, make an  exfoliating mask like  DETOX ME part of your weekly routine for a deep cleanse. We recommend using  DETOX ME 1-3 times each week depending on your skin type.

Repair skin damage with moisture

If you already suffer from wrinkles, lines and dull skin, there’s a lot you can do to repair this damage. Using high power serums and moisturizers to lock in moisture can help skin rejuvenate and can bring back a glow to tired and dull skin. When it comes to repairing skin, locking in moisture and slowing down aging, many dermatologists advise  getting starting in your mid 20s. It might sound early, but investing in your skin at this age is simple and the pay off will be huge as you get older. 

We recommend starting with a serum like  REVIVE ME. It containsessential fatty acids that help in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles; matrixyl also has an anti-wrinkle effect, and sterols recover lost vitamins and minerals.

In addition to a daily serum, add a night cream to your routine. This is an essential ingredient in every anti-aging skincare routine. Night is when the skin has major turnover. FRÉ’s  RECOVER ME contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, that improves the dry appearance of skin, tocopherol, which has an antioxidative effect, copper tripeptide 1 that activates collagen,  and glycosaminoglycans that improves elasticity and firmness. 

Don’t forget your eyes!

Eye contour cream is another anti-aging essential. The eye contour has the most sensitive skin on our body and is the first to be affected by our age.  BRIGHTEN ME eye cream contains hyaluronic acid, well known as an anti-aging compound, niacinamide which increases collagen production that naturally declines over time. For best results, we recommend applying it both morning and evening. 

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