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Refresh Skin With Essential Oils, Fruit Extracts & Argania Active Complex

Lorisa Hasenbush July 30, 2020

Revitalize and transform your post-workout skin with our ultra refreshing glow mist. Instantly hydrate during or after a workout, refresh skin on a hot day, and use before and after makeup and other skincare products as a glow booster. Read on to find out about the ingredients that make REFRESH ME the perfect pick-me-up for all skin types.

Argania Active Complex Heals

The core of all the FRÉ products is the patent-pending Argania Active Complex©.

This combination of argan oil, argan leaf water and argan stem cells deeply hydrates skin that sweats and protects against and repairs UV damage and inflammation. 

Watermelon Extract Prevents Premature Aging

Watermelon extract is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. These elements help skin cells regain collagen and elastin proteins,leaving skin firm, fresh and glowing.

Green Pea Extract Repairs

Phytonutrients can enhance intercellular communication and repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins,  and peas happen to be full of them.This means that applying pea extract to your skin helps your skin cells to defend themselves against UV rays and pollution

Broccoli Extract Protects

Broccoli extract is wonderful for skin that sweats outdoors. 

Broccoli extract increases the production of protective enzymes that help skin cells fight against UV-related damage.

In addition, if you missed a spot when applying your sunscreen and got burned, it alleviates redness caused by sun exposure.

Ylang-ylang Flower Oil Soothes

The antibacterial properties of ylang-ylang flower oil improves your skin’s appearance by fighting bacteria that can cause blemishes and inflammation. The oil is also known to calm the nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. 

Azulene Calms 

Natural azulene, extracted from German chamomile has anti-Inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and gives REFRESH ME its signature light blue color.


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