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Refresh Your Skin This Summer

Lorisa Hasenbush July 30, 2020

How do you cool down and revive yourself after an intense summer workout? Do you take a quick dip in the pool, eat a cool slice of watermelon, or drink a tall glass of ice water? What if you could distill all these cool-down techniques into one bottle? That’s where REFRESH ME, our brand new hydrating glow mist comes in.

Revitalize and transform your post-workout skin with this ultra refreshing glow mist.

Instantly hydrate during or after a workout, refresh skin on a hot day, and use before and after makeup and other skincare products as a glow booster.

REFRESH ME is a two-layer fine mist spray. The first layer contains Argan and grapeseed oil for deep hydration, while the second layer contains radish, pea and watermelon extract as well as rose and ylang ylang essential oils to soothe and refresh. Natural azulene, extracted from German chamomile has anti-Inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties and gives REFRESH ME its signature light blue color. Whatever your skin type, REFRESH ME is perfect for when you need an instant pick-me-up. 

Hydrating Argania Active Complex

Intense exercise leads to intense sweating, which can leave your skin dry and dull. The combination of patent-pending Argania Active Complex©, which is the core of all the FRÉ products, and Hyaluronic Acid in REFRESH ME provides your skin with deep hydration. Spray onto facial skin after you work out to recharge your skin.

Vitamins C & E fight the signs of aging 

Exercising in the sun is lots of fun, but puts your skin at risk for premature aging, caused by sun damage.

Vitamin C from watermelon extract combined with vitamin E from argan oil make REFRESH ME an easy to use anti-aging treatment.

Vitamin C helps your skin stay firm while vitamin E promotes skin cell regeneration. Use throughout the day to keep skin looking young and healthy. 

Rose and ylang ylang soothe and prevent blemishes

Sweating helps remove toxins from your pores, but when it sits on your skin through your workout, so does grime, which can lead to blemishes and redness. The flower oils in REFRESH ME soothe your skin. Rose flower oil is anti-inflammatory, preventing redness and puffiness. Ylang-ylang flower oil is antibacterial, fighting bacteria that can cause blemishes.

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