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Regenerate Your Skin While You Sleep!

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 20, 2019

Regenerate Your Skin While You Sleep!

Night time is for body, soul & skin

If you have an active lifestyle you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your workouts, your diet and your skin. But with all our focus on our waking hours we sometimes forgot just how important night time is. Sleep is the best way to help your body and soul recover after an intense workout. What you might not know is that sleep is also essential for your skin.

If you exercise outside in sun and extreme weather all year round, you are exposing your skin to a constant stream of UV rays that puts you at risk of collagen degeneration and wrinkles. The bad news is that when you sweat, this can intensify the effects of aging.

According to research, poor sleep is associated with increased symptoms of aging and a diminished skin barrier function. The good news is that sleeping well is one way to counter these effects.

What happens to skin if you are sleep deprived

The initial signs of sleep deprivation are well known. Your skin can become dull and pale, revealing dark tissues and blood vessels that turn into those tell-tale under eye dark circles. Lack of sleep can also cause a buildup of fluid beneath the eyes, making them look puffy. However, in the long run, sleep deprivation has much more serious effects. Wound healing and collagen growth are stunted and any existing skin inflammation, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis become more severe. 


How can you regenerate skin?

There are many simple natural remedies that can provide a quick pick-me-up. Slices of cucumber or warm (not hot!) tea bags can help refresh tired eyes, while a face mask of stiff egg whites and rose watertightens up the skin. However, a good night’s sleep and a great night cream can keep you looking your best each morning.

Your skin regenerates better and absorbs more active ingredients during the night. During the day your skin protects you from the elements, but at night it rests (just like your body and mind) and this is when cells and tissue regenerate most. So, if you are focused on a great skin care routine and don’t have a specialized night moisturizer yet, now’s the time to invest in one.


RECOVER ME transforms skin while you sleep

FRÉ’s RECOVER ME is designed to clarify your skin at night so that you can wake up to a fresh and glowing complexion every morning. While the 123FRÉ set is designed to counter the irritation caused by everyday workouts, RECOVER ME soothes and comforts the skin all night long. The hyaluronic acid works to improve your skin’s hydration by preventing water loss, while antioxidants from our patent-pending Argania Active Complex© help restore damaged cells. RECOVER ME boosts collagen and blood circulation in your skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles; it’s the perfect night time solution for active skin that sweats. 

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