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Repair Summer Stress

by Aaron AD August 22, 2017

Repair Summer Stress

Summer is great in so many ways. The bright skies and streaming sunshine can help lift our mood. It’s a time when many of us ditch our layers of coats, and scarves, and jumpers, for a chic swimsuit, and swap the office for a fabulous summer vacation. Summer is also a godsend for anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that occurs seasonally with the lessening light and shorter days of winter. But, it’s not all good news; summer can be terrible for your skin. While your body and soul bask in the sunlight, the combination of sun, sweat, salt and sand that our skin endures during summer can leave it stressed, dull and lifeless. So what can you do to repair summer stress now that summer is drawing to an end?

Salt + sand cause irritation

Ok, so sea salt isn’t inherently bad for your skin. In fact, according to dermatologist Adam Sheridan, in its pure form, salt water can actually help clean pores, balance sebum production and kill off bad bacteria that cause you to breakout. However, since being on the beach means there is a lot more going on than just pure salt water, skin can get irritated by a combination of different factors. The key culprits are the constant exposure to salt water and sand, and this can be terrible for skin. It’s worse for those who have sensitive skin, or suffer from skin conditions like eczema. Also, while a little salt water might be a good thing, a lot of it can actually dehydrate your skin leaving it dull and blotchy.


Summer causes premature aging

It is well known that overexposure to the sun can cause serious skin damage. According to scientists, the ideal amount of summer sun is 10-20 minutes; this is just the right amount to get the Vitamin D your body needs without seriously damaging your skin. Unfortunately we are all likely to spend a lot longer at the beach than that. The sun essentially fast-forwards the affects of aging like wrinkles, a loss of collagen and dull dry skin. This is further intensified by the seawater (water actually amplifies the suns rays). And if you are out of the sea on the beach, a game of beach volleyball, or any other workout, will leave you sweating, and this also drastically increases the photosensitivity of your skin. When you sweat in the heat your skin also loses key minerals and vitamins (including lactate, urea, magnesium, glycine, citrulline, creatinine and uric acid).


Protect your skin

The combination of sun, sweat, sea and sand can be terrible for your skin, but don’t rush to cancel your next summer vacation; a good skincare solution can work to protect and repair damaged skin. If your skin has been stressed out this summer, try opting for natural vegan skincare that is kind on your skin and avoids harsh drying chemicals. There are some fantastic vegan skincare regimes out there that can help to nourish and repair your stressed out summer skin. First, find a daily moisturizer that includes a broad spectrum SPF (the sun is still out so you should always make sure your skin is protected). The combination of an SPF and moisturizer ensures your skin is protected and moisturized before you begin each day. Next, find a cleanser that is non-drying. There are some great creamy formulas on the market that won’t strip down or damage your skin. Finally, opt for something a little stronger than a regular moisturizer to end with. A great serum can do more than just moisturize – it can actually work to repair damage.


Destress your summer skin withFRÉ

FRÉ’s 3-step solution to sweaty stressed-out summer skin is a unique formula based on Argan. For centuries, Argan oil has been used to deeply nourish skin, hair and treat a range of medical ailments. Argan is an excellent source of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, and has a high proportion of tocopherols that help prevent skin damage by fighting free radicals. FRÉ’s modern take on Argan is Argania Active Complex©, a unique formulate that combines Argan stem cells and leaf-water with Argan oil. It takes traditional Argan oil’s healing properties one-step further to repair the damage of summer stress and restore your natural glow. What sets this formula apart is Argan stem cells. In fact, stem cells taken from the desert Argan tree have demonstrated a protecting and nourishing effect on dermal cells, and are capable of deeply rejuvenating skin. Using FRÉ’s 3-step solution, you will feel like your best self in no time.


What FRÉ enthusiasts say:

*****Dana said: Great products!!

First time I have used these products, as saw someone posting about it on Instagram! I train every day and my skin tends to break out a lot, and also it often gets either really oily or very dry. The set I purchased from FRÉ made my skin so soft and it is glowing! The products feel so light on the skin and moisturize really well. I am really happy with it so far!


*****Linda said: Impressed

Was skeptical about products until I started using them. Have used all professional brands: Skinceuticals, Obaji, many others. Tired of paying exorbitant prices and still never feeling spa fresh. These products are very impressive. Love the line. Can't wait to see where the line goes from here.


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