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Self Care Saturday with FRÉ Skin Care

by Tal Carmel October 15, 2018

Self Care Saturday with FRÉ Skin Care

Ashley and Sarah are FRÉ ambassadors since Jun 2018
Occupation: Yoga, healthy living, and fashion bloggers


Happy Saturday babes! Today is one of our FAVORITE days of the week because --> “Hello Weekend!” That aside, it is also a great day to take some extra time for yourself - unwind, rest, relax, and hit reset from the week. One of the best ways to do that is by giving yourself a mini at home spa day!

We love this because 1.) You don’t have to block out a huge chunk of time and 2.) it’s super inexpensive (Who has $100 to drop on a facial or massage every week anyway?!?).

There are so many things you can do at home to give yourself and your beautiful body a little extra love this Saturday:

- Epsom salt bath with essential oils - set the mood: light some candles and throw on some calming music while you’re at it

- Foam rolling - it’s just like an at home massage

- Mani/Pedi - fresh painted nails and toes make you feel like you can conquer anything

- Yoga - you can find videos on YouTube or in our favorite Studio Tone It Up App

- Meditation - perfect first thing in the morning to set your intentions for the day or before you go to bed to help you unwind.

- Absolute favorite- Face Masks

At home face masks are a great way to relax and unwind from the week because the are a help to revive/refresh your skin and force you to take a 5-20 minute “time out” while it sets. More than once, we have added in a cat nap with that face mask, just make sure to set a timer on your phone to wake up!! There are so many options for face masks out there for you to do and try at home:



- Sheet Masks (our favorites here, here, and here)

- DIY (raid your kitchen: avocado or egg whites make great masks! You can also find recipes all over Pinterest.)

- Leave on Treatments (here & here)

- Peels (here)

Our current go-to is the DETOX ME mask from FRÉ Skin Care! FRÉ is our favorite skin care brand, because it is made for women who sweat - just like us! It is designed to work with your sweat, protect your skin, and promote a beautiful healthy glow! Their entire skin care line is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and made with their Argania Active Complex - a breakthrough ingredient of Argan oil that combats sweat-induced facial skin damage without interfering with the beneficial cooling and cleansing process of sweating.

Their new DETOX ME mask is great, because it can be used any time you need a little detox! Post sweaty workout, had an intense day or week?! DETOX ME is there to cleanse and refresh your skin!

-Simply apply a thin layer to dampened skin. Gently massage the product onto your face.
-Leave on for 1-2 mins (if you have a bit more oily complexion leave on for 5-10)
-Rinse well with cool water and you are good to go!

The mask will remove impurities and any excess oils you have from working out, unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling relaxed, glowing, and renewed!
We love following up this mask with their Revive Me deep moisturizing serum and some quartz rolling for an energized and natural glow!

Incorporating The FRÉ Skin Care line into our daily routine has completely changed the way we look at skin products. It is so easy to use and always makes our skin feel clean and refreshed. For more information about FRÉ and it's products, click here to learn more!

We want to know how YOU make time for self-care! What are some of your favorite ways to pamper and treat yourself to ensure that you feel 100%? Let us know!

Relaxed, renewed, and happily yours,

Ashley & Sarah

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