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Shea Holbrook - an average girl who is reaching her not so average dreams.

by Pam Green December 04, 2019

Shea Holbrook - an average girl who is reaching her not so average dreams.

 About Me: I am an average girl with not so average dreams,I am a professional race car driver,spokeswoman, and advocate for the Women’s Sports Foundation. Inot only disrupt a male-dominated industry, but I have become a leader behind the wheel, in the business room, and a champion for women in racing,all before the age of 30! 

Follow me: 

Instagram: @sheaholbrook

Website: www.shearacing.com

Others: @SheaRacing - Shea Racing - Shea Holbrook on facebook 

Your tips for living a healthy lifestyle:

You’ll never regret a workout so, just get out there! Set monthly workout goals to achieve and focus less on how to physically look and more on how you physically feel. I love working out in groups - it stimulates you, makes you happy and you push one another. I believe food is all about balance and proportion. Eat as much as you can that grows from the ground, healthy carbs and protein and never fully cut chocolate out! :) Hydration and skincare I’ve found to truly help me get out of bed and feel rejuvenated. And maybe the most important, a healthy work and family/friends balance and doing things for you especially when you need it.   

What are your biggest challenges (mentally and physically) and how do you overcome them?

Your brain is the hardest muscle to train. Break bad habits, creating a new healthy habit and staying committed to that new habit. Mentally, it’s also hard to believe in yourself at times, execute and see things through when times get tough - and it’s difficult to ask for help sometimes which is one of my biggest challenges. Mental health is such a broad topic and one we all need to spend a little more time understanding - especially for yourselves. Physically, just staying at the top of your game, constantly getting stronger and stronger. As an athlete, I strive to be better each workout but, sometimes your body needs a rest and allowing that rest time has always been difficult for me. Primarily because I see it as someone else could be getting a leg up on me when I’m resting… I’ve learned to stay focused on my goals, not others. 

I want to tell you about:

No matter what sport, career, lose, or negative thing happening in your life just remember, “Fear is a state of mind, Will is an action taken.” This is a quote my Dad and I came up with through our struggles of coming from humble beginnings. I mavericked my self-made career, learned to turn my unconventional story into my strength and had relentless tenacity and leadership to achieve my dreams. From racing for automotive manufacturers and coaching high-performance programs, to building my own multi-car racing team and representing top automotive and lifestyle companies. I found I love sharing my passion for leadership fueled by adrenaline to be a great privilege and responsibility to continuously pay it forward. So, just when you think you can’t push yourself anymore - go the extra mile. You’ll surprise yourself. 

Photo Credits: W Series Media, courtesy of Shea Holbrook’s social media

Women empowerment means:

For the greater good, success, and commorodory of women. To be fierce, intelligent and determined. But also to be understanding and compassionate. Women empowerment with a focus of leaving behind a legacy, positive example and stepping stones for the next generation.  

How do you give back to your community/what social causes are you passionate about?

I’m all about paying it forward. I’ve been fortunate to have incredible mentors, sponsors, supporters and most importantly, an unwavering family and husband. Sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most rewarding, like buying a coffee for someone that may like one. Helping the elderly. Taking a phone call or email to help guide or give advice to an up and coming race car driver. Giving your time, especially in times of need can be so powerful and it’s totally free. I’ve worked closely with Duchenne muscular dystrophy families in helping to raise funds to support their sons. It’s near and dear to my heart as it affects my family - my cousin Matthew who’s passed and Jordan currently living with the disease. I also enjoy my role as an advocate and where I’m on the Athlete Advisory Panel at the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Tell us about your involvement in FRÉ. What do you love about the products, the community, the values?

I am a brand ambassador with FRÉ and enjoy the products and the skincare regimen they’ve given me - I feel and look my best when I use the products religiously! Using the products I’ve noticed my skin is smoother, more plump, hydrated and I look ready to tackle the day. Looking in the mirror my little winkles (beauty marks!!!) around my eyes lessen. It just makes me feel pretty and I’ve never been a big makeup user - FRÉ makes me feel like I don’t need a touch of makeup to leave the house. Healthy skin gives off a nice glow and my glow is FRÉ. FRÉ has amazing customer service! I also feel informed about when my orders are processed, shipped and delivered. The packaging is not only cute but totally reusable for traveling. It’s hard to even say what my favorite product is now because, without one or the other, it’s just not complete! Every company should have a meaningful message and something they give back too. I like that for every FRÉ set purchased they planet an Argan tree in Morocco where they harvest the Argan oil from. Whereas many deplete, FRÉ replenishes.      

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite exercise? Body pump classes.
  • What are you most excited about in life right now? I can’t tell you yet!!!!!
  • What’s something you’d still love to learn? How to do a professional drift (cars).
  • If you were a hashtag, what would you be? #Maverick 
  • Who do you admire the most? My husband.
  • What is your life motto? Fear is a state of mind, Will is an action taken.
  • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life? To just be present in the moment at all costs.
  • What is an issue that you wish we spoke about more often? Honestly, health care and financial independence and planning. 
  • What does it mean to be a woman today? Doing it all, flawlessly.
  • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ? The everyday natural glow to a healthy lifestyle.
  • What is a skincare tip or trick you swear by? It has to be a regimen! Wash your face every morning, after a workout and before bed… and hydration! 
  • What type of skin do you have? Thick skin ;) 

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