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Skin Transformation Story: Ciarra Hutton

by Jude Jacob Kayton June 01, 2020

Skin Transformation Story: Ciarra Hutton


About me:  I’ve been competitively powerlifting for the past 6 years, which includes squat, bench, and deadlifts. You get 3 attempts at each to lift the heaviest you can. I’ve reached the international level with a 440 squat, 205 bench and 507 deadlift. I'm currently number 35 in the world in my weight class. I started coaching powerlifting about 2.5 years ago, teaching my clients how to be stronger whether online or in-person. Powerlifting is where I found my power, confidence, through focusing on what my body can do instead of what it looks like.


"I started breaking out all over my upper lip, neck and chin. It was so bad that it looked like an acne beard or goatee!!"


Serious breakouts

I never had issues with my skin until last year. I had some dryness when I was younger and that was it. But then, this time last year, as I was getting ready to compete in powerlifting, my hormones were out of whack. I thought things would settle and the breakout would go away, but it didn’t. I started breaking out all over my upper lip, neck and chin. It was so bad that it looked like an acne beard or goatee!! The spots were bumps and not zits and they were super red and dry.

I tried everything to get rid of it. I tried every type of cleanser. Each night before bed I slathered on Vitamin E oil. NOTHING fixed it, and I was miserable and felt I had to wear makeup all the time. When I was powerlifting I couldn’t really wear makeup so I just felt miserable and self conscious about my face the entire time. I would put moisturizer on every hour in the hope it would help (it didn’t). This went on for about 6 months.

Discovering FRÉ

I tried FRÉ and within 2 weeks my skin was almost completely clear. At the same time I also stopped eating dairy which helped a lot. With these two major changes, my skin did a 180 and there were no more bumps or dry patches. I even stopped wearing makeup since my skin felt so good! 


"I tried FRÉ and within 2 weeks my skin was almost completely clear."


REVIVE ME and PURIFY ME have helped me the most. The argan oil inside PURIFY ME is amazing and the formula is so gentle. I used to use foaming cleansers and they really didn’t help my skin. REVIVE ME is deeply hydrating but non greasy. I love how light it is, but also how intensely it moisturizes. It is my bread and butter and definitely the best moisturizer I’ve ever used, and believe me I’ve tried SO MANY. For a while I just used these two products. 

Wearing sunscreen

At a certain point a friend of mine told me I should use sunscreen! I’m very fair skinned so started using PROTECT ME. I usually freckle up during the summer but I haven’t at all since I started using it. Now when I don’t want makeup I use GLOW ME which gives me the sunscreen but with a nice tint. I also got into BRIGHTEN ME and RECOVER ME recently and I love both.

These days I can eat dairy in moderation without getting huge breakouts and overall I’m taking much better care of my skin. My face doesn’t breakout during my monthly cycle but unfortunately my body still does, and the back of my legs break out in summer. I just received FRÉ Body and I can’t wait to try the set. I hope it will help stop the breakouts on my body like it did on my face! 

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