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Aaron AD February 02, 2017

The Yoga instructor Talia Sutra has endorsed FRÉ Skincare from day one and is our special Ambassador. For the first interview of Sweat. Love. Glow., it was natural to ask Talia to share wellness and beauty tips with you. Enjoy!


Growing up in a structured, religious, Jewish environment pushed Talia to explore spirituality for herself from a young age. She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma.

Talia sees nothing as external to her studies: She has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters of ballet, yoga and art. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition and insight are to be found through connection with the seemingly ordinary world of animals and trees and that no teacher is greater than the one within. 

Talia has recently relocated to Jerusalem, Israel where she lives with her husband Ezra. She is excited, humbled and honored at the opportunity to delve deeper into the wisdom of her personal lineage while spreading her love of yoga worldwide. 

You can follow Talia on Instagram @talia_sutra 

Q: Your wellness mantra is "Love & All is Coming". How do you concretely practice this beautiful philosophy on a daily basis? 

Love and All is Coming has meant different things to me at different times, it grows with me and continues to ring with a deep resonance daily. Perhaps more than anything, love to me is the will and desireto connect or come together. 

Having true desire to observe, understand, heal and nurture ourselves and others on a daily basis is challenging! It requires the courage to stand up to the inner or outer voices which cynically mock the efforts. It requires consistent discipline to keep studying, learning, practicing and differentiating between endless shades of “good” and “bad”.  It requires humility, and above all- it requires love. 



Maybe Love and all is Coming can be understood intuitively by the heart; still, the word love has so many meanings and forms and can easily be confused as the goal. I see it as a process and so I practice it daily by having an awareness and intent on infusing every action, no matter how ordinary, with that desire to come together rather than away. When I make the bed, when I water my plants, when I do the laundry or write, or make an Instagram post. My intention is to LOVE.  

Q: You always seem to be glowing. Can you share secrets that make you glow inside out? 

Well, I don't think any of these are secrets but I drink a lot of water, meditate, practice asana, spend time with people who make me happy and insist on growth from myself and from the people I care for. I also rest whenever I need and make sure I express myself! I hold nothing in. 

Once a week, during Shabbat (Saturday is the seventh day of the week and day of rest in Judaism), I turn off my phone and all electronics and just spend time with my family with no distractions. Also I use Fré! :)

Q: What makes you feel the most beautiful version of Talia Sutra? 

I feel most beautiful when I do what I love! Teaching, writing, standing on my hands, bending backwards…and being wrapped in Ezra’s arms. 

Q: How do you find the right balance between self-acceptance and striving to be a better person? 

Self acceptance is like the inner structure, the skeleton of growth: it has to remain stable and flexible so that it can support continuous growth, construction and transformation. If we are always comparing ourselves to others,if we take all criticism personally, if we still feel that we are somehow victims to life or that others do not understand how to love us- then we still have a lot of work to do on that primal structure. 

And so, I think, only one who is self accepting is able to grow and be a “better person”.  

Q: Your FRÉ: choose 3 adjectives or verbs you find inspiring starting with F. R. and E. 





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