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by Aaron AD January 20, 2017


There is a saying that you are what you eat. This is true about your skin as well; what you eat shows on your skin. All skin types benefit from a diet of wholesome, balanced meals that keep the skin clear.

The following are five foods that will improve your complexion significantly;

  1. Foods rich in vitamins

Vitamins are important for the health of your skin. Vitamin C speeds up the creation of new skin cells, keeps the radiant skin, helps to remove scars and blemishes and promotes the production of collagen which keeps skin firm. Citrus fruits, papaya, kiwi fruits, sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin E also keeps skin smooth and supple. It is found in dark, leafy vegetables, broccoli, squash, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish and plant oils. Vitamin A which is found in skin products as retinol is also important for the skin. It is found in dried apricots, cantaloupe, tropical fruits, bell peppers, lettuce, sweet potatoes and carrots.

  1. Foods rich in probiotics

To most of us, bacteria are disease-causing organisms that are to be avoided. However, the fact is that there are two types of bacteria- good and bad. Probiotics is the scientific name for the friendly, health-promoting bacteria. If there is an imbalance, harmful bacteria can multiply and take over which can cause intestinal problems. This will show up on skin which will look ashy and dehydrated.

Eating foods that are rich in probiotics prevents this. These include green, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha and others such as tempeh, pickles, miso soup, microalgae, and dark chocolate.

  1. Antioxidants

Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are caused by smoking, pollution and sunlight and can cause wrinkling and age spots. Eat a rainbow of colorful fruit and vegetables and aim for at least five portions a day. Beta carotene which is found in pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes and lutein which is found in kale, papaya and spinach are potent antioxidants are important for normal skin cell development and a healthy skin tone.

  1. Healthy fats

Omega-3 and omega-6 fats are also important for the skin. These are essential fatty acids which mean they cannot be made in the body and must be obtained through the diet. You'll find omega-3s in oily fish and plant sources such as flaxseed oil, linseeds, walnut and rapeseed oil. Omega-3 fats encourage the body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help skin, particularly inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

  1. Water

Up to 70 percent of the body is made up of water and if it doesn't get enough of it, one feels and looks dehydrated and this shows on the skin. It will look dry and ashen which shows any lines even more dominantly. A rich moisturizer plumps the skin out but rehydrating with water works even better as it works from inside out. Aim for at least two litres of water a day.

From the top

As you take care of your skin with a healthy diet, you also need to take care of it from the top. This means using luxury products with well-sourced natural ingredients.
FRÉ, the first skincare range specially formulated for skin that sweats is based on an innovative use of Argan.

FRÉ comes as a set of 123 FRÉthat has all the products needed to keep skin healthy and radiant. The set contains;

  • Protect Me, an ultra-light defense facial moisturizer specially made for skin that sweats. Does not sting eyes & does not clog pores.
  • Purify Me, a hydrating facial cleanser. Deep gentle exfoliant that calms and soothes your skin post-work.
  • Revive Me, a deep post-workout recovery serum rich in moisture and vitamins.

    Sweat with FRÉ & love your glow!

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