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The FRÉ Effect: Jacinta Mayora

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 31, 2020

The FRÉ Effect: Jacinta Mayora

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors.


About me:  I am all about body positivity. I dieted my whole life and have suffered from eating disorders. My focus used to be exclusively on becoming skinny and looking perfect, but ultimately this made me gain more and more weight and become seriously stressed out. Eventually, I changed my mindset and decided to love myself as I am, and I accepted myself, just as I am. This was actually the key to losing weight and keeping it off. And I fell in love with myself, and my skin. 

Eventually, I changed my mindset and decided to love myself as I am, and I accepted myself, just as I am. 

Appreciating the skin you’re in

My facial skin has had lots of issues due to food intolerances. Eventually, I worked with a beautician and managed to clear my acne. When FRÉ approached me, my skin was a lot better, but I was too scared to change my facial skincare routine, so I got FRÉ BODY.

I usually post a lot on Instagram and focus on my curly hair and facial skin. Before FRÉ, I never wore body lotion! I had cheap body wash that smelt nice and that was it. When FRÉ approached me, I really connected with their values and with their goals to plant trees and empower women in Morocco. I only promote products I believe in, but I realized I never did any posts about my skin and that the skin on my body needed attention, too.

For me, FRÉ BODY is self-care.

I believe in appreciating the skin you’re in.My skin isn’t always my best friend.I have cellulite and tiger stripes; I struggle with acne and my skin doesn’t have much elasticity. BUT... my skin is also the glue that keeps everything together. It’s the biggest organ of the body, so even though I struggle with accepting it, it deserves some TLC. For me,  FRÉ BODY is self-care. I use the  PURIFY BODY  scrub in the shower, and afterwards the  GLOW BODY  oil, which is amazing. Now that we are having a crazy heatwave in Amsterdam, I’m using the  PROTECT BODY  SPF30 every single day.

Argan oil for curly hair

I also have FRÉ’s  100% Organic Argan Oil  and I love it! I use it for a pre-poo; so a day before I wash my hair, I put the oil on. This way it sucks up all the moisture without feeling greasy. Sometimes, I use it with a hair mask. The nice thing is that it’s very versatile, so you can use the argan oil however your hair needs it. With curls, too much product can weigh you hair down and that’s the opposite of what you want, so a light and natural oil is fantastic.

Another thing is that I use a gel to style my hair. I dry it with a diffuser to define my curls and create volume. This process creates a hard gel cast, so I scrunch my hair with the argan oil to make it soft and bouncy. I also scrunch some oil in my hair any time it feels dull; it gets shiny and looks healthy immediately.

My favorite products are 100% Organic Argan Oil and GLOW BODY.

Oils for sensitive skin

The last thing I do with the argan oil is use it to treat the very dry and flaking skin I get on the bridge of my nose. I put a little argan oil on and my skin is perfectly moisturized! My favorite products are  100% Organic Argan Oil  and  GLOW BODY.  I’ve also just started using  I AM LOVE.  My skin is incredibly sensitive and most oils give me allergies, but these ones don’t. My dream FRÉ product would be another hair oil!

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