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The FRÉ Effect: Karma Raines

by Lorisa Hasenbush January 31, 2022

The FRÉ Effect: Karma Raines

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors.


About me:  I am a professional choreographer, movement coach and body freedom advocate. I work with artists creatively to develop content for film, TV, music videos, print ads and live performances. I also created a dance-fitness movement called BootyPop Fridays (BPF), which is much more than a twerking class. It is a Total Body Positivity experience. Through the power of movement, I bring electric energy to empower women (men are welcome, too) to embrace their bodies, no matter their size, shape or age.  

My skincare journey

I have oily, acne prone skin. My skin has always been problematic, prone to hyperpigmentation, and textured with a high oil production. I also suffered from cystic acne which was very emotionally crippling.

"Constant breakouts would leave me feeling so defeated. I tried a handful of different brands, but nothing ever fully healed my skin." 

My skin journey over the past 20 years has been a tough one. From acne scars, to textured skin. Constant breakouts would leave me feeling so defeated. I tried a handful of different brands throughout my journey including Proactiv, Dermologic, Fenty Skin, and Neutrogena. I found that some products would work for a brief period but never fully healed my skin OR I would break out even more because the ingredients in the products would clog my pores.

Trying FRÉ

Over the past 6 months, FRÉ has helped transform my skin. It is now more vibrant with less breakouts. 

I also made a few adjustments to my nutrition. I reduced my processed sugar intake, adding more water to my day-to-day. I also reduced my alcohol intake and added more vitamins daily, including B12 Complex, fish oil, Vitamin E and collagen powders. With all these changes, I began seeing a difference in my skin. The internal journey is just as important as the external one.

Today, my skin is healthier, has more life to it, and my breakouts have been drastically reduced. The glow is undeniable.

"Over the past 6 months, FRÉ has helped transform my skin. It is now more vibrant with less breakouts."

My daily routine

On my mildly active days my skincare routine is made up of  PURIFY ME,  REVIVE ME,  PROTECT ME and  BRIGHTEN ME. On my very active days, my skincare routine is made up of,  I AM PURE facial cleansing bar,  REFRESH ME,  REVIVE ME,  GLOW ME and of course,  BRIGHTEN ME

For my nightly skincare routine I use  PURIFY ME,  REFRESH ME,  REVIVE ME,  RECOVER ME and  BRIGHTEN ME. I use  DETOX ME 2-3 times a week depending on my active schedule. On my heavy makeup days,  CLEANSE ME as my makeup remover is a must. 

My favorite FRÉ 

My favorite FRÉ product is  REVIVE ME. It's hard to just choose one, because I genuinely like all of them and find benefits from using them as sets.  REVIVE ME has hydrating and rejuvenating properties, and my acne prone skin has responded well to this serum. Also, adding collagen topically is always a bonus for giving more elasticity to my skin.

Secret ways of using FRÉ

I like to apply a few drops of the  100% Organic Argan Oil and  I AM LOVE oil to my scalp, to help add some hydration to my hair.

My dream FRÉ product 

I would like to see an Enzyme Mask which can improve the appearance of large/clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dull skin, rough texture or fine lines. Adding an Acne Spot Treatment serum would be great with being so active and producing tons of sweat. Breakouts come no matter what and people like myself would benefit from having a serum that helps target those specific areas on our skin.

Representation matters

To my fellow women out there, remember how valuable you are to this world and how capable you are of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. As a Black woman I also want to encourage FRÉ to provide more diversity in their marketing, from email ads to social media ads and more. Seeing every type of body size, shape and skin tone represented is vital. No matter your age, women want and need to see themselves in brands they would potentially invest their money in. I am happy to be an ambassador for FRÉ and I hope to see FRÉ grow even bigger.

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