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The FRÉ Effect: Kelsey Arneson

by Lorisa Hasenbush June 01, 2022

The FRÉ Effect: Kelsey Arneson

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors.


About me: I'm a very busy gal who is always on the go. Between being a Doctor of Chiropractic, a health and fitness coach, and IG influencer, I am constantly headed from one place to the next. That's how I like it, believe it or not :) 

My skincare journey
I have some oil on my skin most days from working out, but it is not overly oily by any means. What I really struggle with is acne scarring. In grad school, I was under a lot of stress that always led to breakouts. Now, I tend to struggle the most with the red spots left over on my skin from the acne!

"I felt like I had to choose between having clear skin and not working out versus having breakouts and working out."

I always had decent skin growing up. I would have breakouts here and there, but it didn't get bad until I went to college. I really struggled there and had a hard time finding a routine that worked for me, because I was so busy. I struggled with products that left my skin feeling oily and greasy all the time. I was an athlete in high school and college as well as a trainer, so I was always sweating. I felt like I had to choose between having clear skin and not working out versus having breakouts and working out. I didn't think that I could have clear skin and be active. 

Transforming my skin
It wasn't until I was in grad school that I started to use FRÉ and I began to notice a difference. I tried every cream that doctors recommended and nothing worked for me until I got FRÉ :) I started with the  123FRÉ Set and my collection grew from there :)

Increasing my water intake also really helped my skin in grad school! I think my skin was so oily and holding onto the oil, because I was dehydrated most of the time!

My daily routine
My skin is 100X better today. I have a solid routine down that I use every morning and every night with FRÉ. It takes the guesswork out of what I need to do to make sure my skin stays healthy. I really do not have time to have a skincare routine that has 27 steps. It would never fit into my schedule. Like I said, I am always on the go, so I need things to be efficient!

I use  C ME and  GLOW ME in the morning before my make up. Then, I set it with  REFRESH ME. At night, I wipe off all of my makeup with  CLEANSE ME, and then I use  C ME again.  Finally, I put on  RECOVER ME. It's what has worked the best for me long term and finally helped me get rid of those red spots on my face!! 

My first impression of C ME
I was SHOCKED at how fast it started working when I added  C ME into my routine. That is the only thing I have changed in the last month and I think it really was the golden ticket. With  C ME, I felt like I was finally able to reduce the redness of the scarring.  Now that I have been using  C ME twice a day for more than a month, I have noticed that it actually has started to even out the pigment in my skin! :) I need to stock up so that I don't run out! 

"With C ME, I felt like I was finally able to reduce the redness of the acne scarring."

Loving FRÉ
FRÉ really is made for active women. It is constantly in my family's stockings. I also give FRÉ as little gifts to friends; I feel comfortable giving them FRÉ, because they are products that I know will work. You can't go wrong with any of the products. I have every single one, and I love them all. I won't ever use another skincare brand; FRÉ is the only one I use, because it's been the only one that works! 

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