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The FRÉ Effect: Page Thorla

by Jude Jacob March 01, 2021

The FRÉ Effect: Page Thorla

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors


About me: I’m a registered dietitian and I provide online coaching for lifestyle nutrition and bodybuilding competition prep with Bair Aesthetics! I’m a nationally qualified bikini competitor myself, as well as a new mom to 4 month old Zoey. I’ve been usingFRÉ since 2018!

My skin challenges

I have combination skin, it’s oily some days, dry on others. It really depends on the weather or what I’m doing. I’ve dealt with acne my entire life, even recently as a pregnant 30 year old! I’ve also never had “luminous” skin by nature.

In middle school I went to a dermatologist who started me on a low dose antibiotic because my acne was so bad. It worked, and I stayed on it year after year, until I started to get older and began questioning what an antibiotic was doing to my gut after all that time. By derm insisted it was such a low dose, I was fine. Once I stopped it, my acne came back periodically and I would just deal with it or cover with makeup until it healed.

Before FRÉ, I found that washing my face after workouts/sweating helps my skin have less breakouts. I’m also much better about not picking at acne as an adult - and that's been a game changer.  


"I’ve dealt with acne my entire life, even recently as a pregnant 30 year old! I’ve also never had “luminous” skin by nature."

My skin today

Today my skin is glowing and blemish-free. It feels cliche writing this because I’m being featured, but I never had a skincare routine untilFRÉ, just random face washes or acne creams.FRÉmade it so easy! They sent me the 123kit to try for free and I love trying new things... I had no idea it would actually get me hooked! 

My daily routine

Morning - 

  1. Just water orFRÉ’sPURIFY ME
  2. Sometimes I just do GLOW ME + mascara. This is new-mom easy breezy! If I'm applying makeup, I'll use REVIVE ME as a base for my concealer. On days I’m just staying in the house I use 100% Organic Argan Oil only (it’s the lighter of the two oils)! I need to be better about using PROTECT ME daily - I'm learning more about UV damage from the sun outside AND inside your house.
  3. I AM JOY spray throughout the day.

   Evening - 

  1. First, I cleanse with PURIFY ME. I'll sometimes use Hibiclens for an extra antibacterial clean.
  2. I ALWAYSSSS use I AM LOVE oil at night (and once a week I’ll mix Clinique fresh pressed vitamin C into the oil)
  3. Next, I top the oil with RECOVER ME night cream
  4. Lastly, sometimes I throw on BRIGHTEN ME for under my eyes (hi, I’m a new mom)

       *One to two times/month (at different times) -

    • Urban Skin Rx Retinol treatment
    • Dermaplane (always REVIVE ME after)
    • Eunon blackhead remover vacuum (always REVIVE ME after)
    • DETOX ME (Best mask I’ve ever used. I love using a thin layer and then rubbing it lightly into my skin while I rinse it off.)

    "I never had a skincare routine until FRÉ, just random face washes or acne creams."


    My favorite FRÉ is hands down the I AM LOVE oil. I never had a glowing complexion until I started using it nightly. Tied for second: RECOVER ME and DETOX ME

    I would love for FRÉ  to create a makeup removing cream or oil, a product with salicylic acid for more stubborn acne, a product with Vitamin C, and a retinol product!

    Being part ofFRÉ 

    Overall the FRÉ community has been awesome. I’ve never felt connected to a company before the way I feel with FRÉ. My FRÉ manager is so helpful! I also love that they give you the opportunity to learn about skincare, instead of just hoping you blindly trust what the labels say. It’s been easy to “promote” this company because I actually love and use the products daily. 

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