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The FRÉ Effect: Stacey Bevan

by Jude Jacob January 04, 2021

The FRÉ Effect: Stacey Bevan

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors.


About me:  I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old. Initially, it was just for fun, and then the coaches saw I had potential. At 6, I started competing and stuck with it until I was 16. Then, I hurt my knee, took time off for surgery and ended up quitting. In my early 20s, I wasn’t doing much in regards to fitness. But when I was 25, I started to really miss the competitive aspect of gymnastics. I discovered CrossFit, which was amazing because I had a support group around me—women empowering each other. It was not about how I looked or stepping on a scale; it was about working towards goals and bettering myself overall. Later, I stumbled across Olympic weightlifting and, over the past 7 years, I’ve been very involved in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. In Canada, you can compete provincially, and I’ve competed in provinces all over the country. In February 2020, I placed third in my weight category at the BC Provincial Championships.

Dealing with breakouts

I was around 12 when I started suffering from breakouts. Initially, they weren’t so bad and were only on my forehead and chin, but they got worse with time. It was embarrassing and I tried every prescription cream out there. Nothing worked, and in my early 20s, I took Accutane, which was super aggressive, but it only worked for a while. Then, in my mid 20s, the acne came back. It was super painful. Everyone else had matured and their acne disappeared, and I was suffering from adult acne. I had tried every solution under the sun. Then, three years ago FRÉ approached me with the  DETOX ME  mask. It wasn't harsh like all the other products that I tried. I liked that it was geared towards active women, I really connect with this aspect of the brand.

I’ve been consistently using FRÉ for the last 3 years. My skin is no longer constantly inflamed. I used to still get hormonal breakouts around my period, and a friend recommended I try a probiotic made for skin. So, taking the probiotic and using FRÉ has been the best combination and really has balanced my skin! It is a difference of night and day. The best part is that both the probiotic and the FRÉ products are gentle and neither contain heavy chemicals. It’s made such a difference to my day. When you have cystic acne, you spend so much effort finding solutions, spending your mornings agonizing about going outside or what makeup to use as cover up during the day. It’s so liberating to be free of this. 

It’s so liberating to be free of my adult acne.

My Skincare Routine

I believe the simpler the better! This is another reason I love FRÉ. I work out every morning. After I workout, I use  PURIFY ME  and  PURIFY BODY  in the shower. Then, I apply  REVIVE ME  before my foundation and other makeup. In the summer or for extra color, I useGLOW ME. At night, I use  PURIFY ME  followed by either  REVIVE ME  or  RECOVER ME.  PURIFY ME  is my favorite—it’s the best bang for your buck, and it makes you feel so fresh and clean. I also use  DETOX ME  once a week or if I have a girls night in, and I use it as an overnight spot treatment too. 

I no longer feel the need to wear makeup to the gym; I feel confident while working out makeup-free!

Sticking with a routine is really important. It takes time, but if you stick with it it will work. After the first month, I didn't notice much of a difference, but gradually my skin kept getting better. Now, after 3 years, my skin feels great. I've never stuck with skincare for this long, but FRÉ is so gentle and the more you use it the better your skin gets. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup to the gym; being able to feel confident while working out makeup-free is a huge win for me! Sweating with FRÉ is SO powerful to me—it’s given me back my confidence!

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