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The FRÉ Effect: Tara Riley

by Lorisa Hasenbush December 29, 2021

The FRÉ Effect: Tara Riley

Every month we explore how FRÉ has transformed the skin of one of our ambassadors.


About me: I am a creative and energetic fitness instructor and founder of the Tara Riley Method, a combination of mood boosting and life changing Pilates, Barre and Cardio workouts. This combination of workouts helps reduce stress and build confidence while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility in order to keep you mobile and active for years. My classes are vibrant, dynamic and challenging, but achievable for all ages and abilities. I believe the positive energy you experience from a workout is as important as the physical results. I am passionate about helping others to (re)connect with themselves, learn something new and fall in love with moving their bodies in a way that feels good!

My skincare journey
I would describe my skin type as sensitive. As a teenager and younger adult, I experienced a relatively normal amount of breakouts. I was inconsistent with what products I used and would try whatever product I might have seen in an advertisement or had read about or simply purchased whatever was on offer. I never really paid attention to whether the products were right for my skin type or not. 

I never really followed a regimented skincare routine until I experienced a bout of rosacea about two years ago.

I never really followed a regimented skincare routine until I experienced a bout of rosacea about two years ago. The skin on my cheeks was red, inflamed and even broken in places. It was painful and I hated the way it looked—it made me super self conscious! The prescribed rosacea cream didn’t calm the inflammation and the numerous other skin creams and serums claiming to reduce the redness I tried didn’t help either. It was only when I started using FRÉ religiously that I started to see a difference.

In addition, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and am aware that some skin conditions can crop up when I am having an autoimmune flare. Perhaps, this may have been what initially caused the rosacea. Alternatively, it might simply have been because I’ve had two children and am now 45, so my hormones have certainly been a bit all over the place over the past 10 years! 

Switching to FRÉ products and maintaining a skincare routine was a large factor in keeping my skin clear and looking nourished, even as I age. 

I believe there were a couple of contributing factors which helped settle the rosacea.To this day, it’s these factors that have helped keep my skin clear and looking nourished, even as I age. Switching to FRÉ products and maintaining a skincare routine was a large part. Besides switching to FRÉ, I also was in the process of examining my diet and finding triggers for my RA. Around the time of the rosacea flare, I had just begun excluding all dairy and eggs from my diet. This change in diet continues to have a positive effect, not only on my joints, but also on my skin. I also began taking a collagen supplement (win-win for skin and joints). I believe the final piece of the puzzle is the type and amount of exercise I do which is based on my method. Pilates keeps my joints mobile, barre keeps my muscles and bones healthy and strong, and cardio boosts my mood and helps me sweat out excess toxins. And FRÉ has helped keep my skin clear and bright through it all!


My skincare routine
Morning: I wash my face in the morning with FRÉ  PURIFY ME. Then, I apply  REVIVE ME serum,  PROTECT ME moisturizer and  BRIGHTEN ME eye cream. Once absorbed, I use  GLOW ME tinted moisturizer, which is amazing. It’s the perfect amount of coverage without being heavy or greasy.

I still do need a dab of concealer for my under eyes and love  Glossier’s stretch concealer. I put on a bit of  Laura Mercier’s shimmer loose powder to top it off and my skin feels fresh and ready to go. I think I look and feel more awake and ready to tackle my day with a bit of makeup, so I apply a swipe of  Surratt Artistique eyeshadow in Rosatre, followed by  mascara by Silly George and I’m off to teach my first class. I feel and look refreshed without being heavily made up, which is perfect for me.

Evening: I’ve been using FRÉ’s  CLEANSE ME micellar cleanser which feels lovely. I top it off either with  100% Organic Argan Oil or  I AM LOVE and do a quick jade roll. I finish with  RECOVER ME night cream, BRIGHTEN ME  eye cream and a swipe of  Liaison’s Lash Bond.

My favorite FRÉ
My favorite FRÉ is  REVIVE ME serum, with  I AM LOVE as a very close second.  REVIVE ME is light but moisturizing, not sticky or greasy, and it feels like it properly soaks into my skin and doesn’t just sit on top of it. It’s lovely and it makes my skin feel nourished and fresh.  I AM LOVE smells heavenly and I can’t believe the difference applying oil to my face has made. I would never have thought it would help give my skin that refreshed and dewy look, but it has!

My favorite FRÉ is REVIVE ME, because it is light but moisturizing, not sticky or greasy.

Why I love FRÉ
I love seeing how FRÉ skincare is truly working for so many women. It is championing real and normal women who are busy, active, dedicated to work, family, life, etc. and who have normal everyday stresses and triggers. Feeling positive and confident in your own skin impacts so many areas of your life and I love how FRÉ skincare is showing real life skin success stories. I aim to achieve the same body positivity and confidence boosting in my fitness classes.

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