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The Perfect Winter Night Routine

by Lorisa Hasenbush January 30, 2024

The Perfect Winter Night Routine

After a long day of being blasted by hot indoor heating and exposed to cold outdoor weather and UV rays, your skin can feel dry and irritated. A night routine with the right actives will repair your skin from UV damage and winter weather to reduce the signs of aging.

Remove makeup and dirt
Before you can start to benefit from any healing serums or moisturizers, you need your face to be clean. But with the dry conditions of the winter season, you need a cleanser that won’t dry out your skin. Use  CLEANSE ME  foaming micellar water to remove all your makeup and dirt that has accumulated from the day. Its innovative formula takes off makeup and cleanses while hydrating skin. The argan oil in the formula not only helps remove makeup, but it deeply nourishes skin with vitamin E and fatty acids. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin which draw water from the air into the skin, boosting hydration.

Treat your skin with a serum
Now that your skin is clean, it is ready to absorb concentrated active ingredients in the form of a serum. This is the perfect moment to treat your skin for sun damage. Remember that even in the winter the sun affects your skin. In fact, 80% of UV rays penetrate cloud cover on a cloudy day, and snowy days are doubly dangerous, because snow reflects UV rays, doubling your exposure. 

Even in the winter the sun affects your skin.

When your skin is exposed to UV rays, free radicals (unstable atoms) deform skin cells. This skin cell damage, also known as photoaging, can result in wrinkles, skin that is less firm and plump, and dark spots. FRÉ created an exclusive patent, Argania Active Complex™ (AAC), a combination of argan oil, argan leaf extract and argan stem cells, to prevent and repair photoaging. 

FRÉ created an exclusive patent, Argania Active Complex™ (AAC), to prevent and repair photoaging.

Apply  RENEW ME  anti-wrinkle serum. It is powered by bakuchiol, a bio-retinol alternative that is 100% natural and non-irritating. Bakuchiol promotes collagen production and stimulates skin cell turnover, evening skin tone, smoothing skin texture, and reducing wrinkles and lines. It is the perfect anti-wrinkle serum for winter as skin tends to be more sensitive and bakuchiol is gentle on sensitive skin, unlike retinol. 

RENEW ME  also contains FRÉ’s patented Argania Active Complex™. When AAC is combined with bakuchiol, skin looks youthful and vibrant. In addition, the serum contains niacinamide, which strengthens the skin barrier and reduces redness—a great cure for red, irritated winter skin.  

Repair your skin with a night cream
At night, even in the winter, your skin is in repair mode. It is the peak time that skin cells regenerate and repair themselves. You can take advantage of this process by providing your skin with a high performance night cream that will enhance your skin’s repair mode. Apply  RECOVER ME  restorative night cream. This night cream contains a powerful combination of FRÉ's exclusive patent, Argania Active Complex™, and niacinamide to deeply repair your skin from photoaging and other environmental damage. The formula also contains copper peptides, which increase skin’s elasticity and firmness, and tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, which nourishes and hydrates skin.

RECOVER ME contains a powerful combination of AAC and niacinamide to repair your skin from photoaging & other environmental damage.  

Heal skin with a night mask
The dry air indoors and outdoors can really irritate your skin and a night mask is the solution to heal redness and inflammation. Two or three nights a week, apply  HYDRATE ME +  plumping peptide night mask instead of  RECOVER ME  restorative night cream.  HYDRATE ME +  contains alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, a natural prebiotic that helps support healthy skin skin flora, the collection of microorganisms that live in and on your skin. When skin flora is balanced and healthy, your skin looks radiant. In addition to helping balance the skin flora, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide reduces redness and inflammation.

HYDRATE ME +  also firms and plumps the skin with peptides and evens skin texture with sea buckthorn oil. The rosehip seed oil in the formula is rich in fatty acids that hydrate and soften skin. Additionally, the overnight mask repairs sun damage with FRÉ's exclusive patent, Argania Active Complex™.  By using this overnight treatment twice a week, your skin will look plump, smooth, and radiant.


Prioritize your night routine this winter
Winter weather, indoor heating, and exposure to UV rays are rough on skin, but a hydrating and healing night skincare routine will let you wake up to glowing skin every morning. Be sure to use a hydrating micellar water, bakuchiol anti-wrinkle serum, an anti-photoaging night cream, and a night mask with prebiotics to keep your skin healthy and youthful all winter long.

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