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Top 6 Skincare Tips for Traveling This Summer:

by Tal Carmel July 15, 2018

Top 6 Skincare Tips for Traveling This Summer:

With summer approaching, we’ve all got our vacation plans in motion. But along with your passport and luggage, it’s important not to forget about your skincare routine. Fair warning, hydration will be key! In all of its various forms. So grab your pen and paper, and take notes, people, because we’re going to break down traveling for you, one jet-setting step at a time!

Packing List:

-Eye mask

-Deeply hydrating moisturizer

-Face mask

-Hydrating Mist

-SPF Sun protectant



Before the flight:

The night before a long flight is stressful for everyone. You’re busy rushing around making sure you have your favorite underwear and t-shirt packed. It’s one of those nights filled with excitement and frenzy, as you pretend that you’ll get a good night’s rest. But stop, take a moment. Now go wash your face. Yup. Take off ALL of your makeup, and clean your face. Once your facial canvas is cleaned, apply a nice, thick, andhydrating night mask. While your face mask is doing it’s magic, hop on the computer and check out the weather of your vacation destination. Why? Because, the humidity of the tropics will require a very different type of skincare routine than the drying coolness of the mountains.

Day of the Flight:

Day of the flight is even more stressful than the preceding night. You are flustered going over your checklist and making sure you’ll make it to the airport on time. So take one stressor off your list: forget the makeup.

"Let your face breathe!"

Yes, you read that correctly. Let your face breathe! You’re going to be cramped up in a stuffy plane for however many hours, it’s best to give your face as much room to soak in any fresh air it can, while it still can. So forget the makeup, slather on some tinted moisturizer and call it a day. But don’t forget to bring your eye mask!


During the Flight:

Now that you’re in your seat, buckled up, and ready for the ride, relax. Take a nice, deep breath and apply some deeply hydrating moisturizer or replenishing serum. After all, it’s easier to prevent dry skin than treat it. Or better yet, grab a face mask and treat yo’self. I promise no one will say anything, even if they give weird looks.

" take this time to pamper yourself"

You might as well take this time to pamper yourself; remember, you are starting your vacation. While you’re at it, put on your eye mask and try to get some much needed sleep. It is called BEAUTY rest for a reason. Once you wake up, spray on a hydrating mist, to kickstart your facial hydration and instantly make you feel refreshed.



After the Flight:

Once you get off the flight and fight with the baggage claim carousel to get your luggage, head straight to the bathroom. Wash your face. Seriously, wash your face. Use a gentle face wash as your skin is probably dehydrated and sensitive from the drying airplane air.Cabin humidity has been reported at lows of 10 percent, which is why your skin often feels so dry after a flight. After you gently wash your face, apply a nice hydrating and deeply replenishing serum, followed by, you guessed it, moisturizer. If you must put on makeup, opt for a non-drying formula.

At Your Destination:

Once you get to where you’re going, it’s important to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. To help simplify things we’ve gone ahead and listed out three popular vacation spots and their climates. And will tell you how best to care for your skin.Here are the three hottest summer vacation US spots, according to a rise in Google searches.

  • Hawaii -Hawaii’s weather is warm all year round with daytime high temperatures ranging from 78°F in the “colder” months to 88°F in the hotter months. Hawaii’s proximity to the equator means that the weather is tropically warm and consistent throughout the year. So what does this mean for skincare?SUNSCREEN! Slather it, roll in it, paint it on, just make sure you’re covered in it.Being closer to the equator also means stronger UV rays, which, as you know, means risk of sunspots and skin cancer. Be sure to protect your skin, so you can enjoy your days in the sun.

  • Rhode Island - In July, the warmest month, the average daytime temperature rises to 82.6°F.July is also the driest month with 3.17 inches of precipitation. Meaning, Rhode Island is hot and dry. Prescription: use serum. With a dry and hot climate you need to protect your face witha serum that will allow for deep rejuvenation at a cellular level, as well as something light enough to quickly absorb into the skin.

  • New Mexico -With the average temperature in New Mexico around the 86°F mark, heat is always in the forecast. Heat means sweat. Sweat means you have to take extra care to wash your face. So if you’re traveling to an extremely hot climate, it’s important to take agentle and exfoliating face wash along with you.


    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

    We can never stress enough the importance of water. Drinking water hydrates you from the inside out, and the benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day are undisputed. In addition, a great face mist is a luxury we all can afford. However, it’s important to note that in order to reap the benefits of a facial mist you have to find one with a formula that contains a good humectant — the more, the merrier.

    "a great face mist is a luxury we all can afford."

    Look for solid ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol, and hyaluronic acid, and don’t forget aloe, which penetrates the skin deeply and pulls moisture in along with it.


    There you have it, your traveling skincare made simple. We’ve compiled a list from the day before your flight, to after you land, and everything in between. As always, the key to happy, healthy skin is hydration and a proper skincare routine. Afterall, just as every skin type is different, so are your skin’s needs in different environments. So, take care of your skin and enjoy your vacation, you deserve it!

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