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Transform Skin & Sleep With Lavender Oil

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 01, 2019

Transform Skin & Sleep With Lavender Oil

Lavender is well known for itsrelaxing properties. It is often used to reduce anxiety, to create feelings of calmness, and to help people sleep. The fragrant plant can be found in aromatherapy, hair care, and pain relievers, but how can it benefit your skin? 

Please note: Lavender oil is safe for skin application, but be careful! It should NEVER be applied directly to the skin as it will cause severe irritation, and in rare cases, allergic reactions. Instead, dilute 1 drop of lavender oil in 10 drops of any carrier oil like almond or jojoba.    


Lavender improves circulation by pumping more oxygen into skin cells. The increase in oxygen kick starts the skin cells, causing them to regenerate faster. These new cells give your skin a healthy glow. Better circulation also helps plump up wrinkles, making you look younger. Lavender also helps reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines.

LAVENDER: A Natural Antioxidant 

Lavender is full of antioxidants that are great for your skin. Antioxidant protection helps the skin by neutralizingfree radicals like UV rays and pollution. In addition, adding lavender oil to skincare products helps the texture of your skin, because the antioxidants in the oil remove dead skin cells, which in turn triggers the production of new skin cells that form a barrier against pollutants.


Lavender oil’s antimicrobial properties work well to clear your skin of acne. A wonderful anti-inflammatory, it will help get rid of any redness that comes with irritated skin. Lavender will even help reduce the frequency of breakouts, because it helps lower stress levels! However, if your breakouts are due to hormone level fluctuations, it is a better option to manage them at the core by exercising and eating a healthy diet.  


HOW FRE Skincare’s RECOVER ME can help you sleep 

Lavender is a fantastic option for people who struggle with sleep since many of its properties help with unwinding and relaxation.Research shows that people who regularly inhale lavender experience lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. It was also found that sleeping in a lavender scented room significantly increases quality of sleep. 

FRÉ Skincare’sRECOVER ME night cream uses lavender oil alongside the patentedArgania Active Complex to fight breakouts, sun damage and dehydration. RECOVER ME works to strengthen your skin barrier night after night, so you can live your best active life each day. Argania Active Complex combines Argan oil, leaf water and stem cells to restore the skin’s natural skin barrier with antioxidants and moisturizing agents.TryRECOVER ME, to experience the benefits of lavender oil and Argan.  


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