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Valentine's day gifts for her

by emily ignatenko February 02, 2023

skin care gifts 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. Give the gift of strong, healthy, beautiful skin with our gorgeous sets and single products. There’s something here for every budget. Whatever skincare concern or age you are shopping for, we have you covered. We have skincare solutions to protect, repair and hydrate every skin type this Valentine’s Day.

The Detox Set
Daily Routine and Mask

The Detox Set is a must-have for anyone who is always on the go. It contains the 123FRÉ Set and the DETOX ME clearing mask to prevent and repair skin damage, including breakouts, dehydration, redness, and premature aging, creating a healthy glow.
The Detox Set - skin care gifts 2023

I AM Set - skin care gifts 2023

I Am Set
100% Natural Daily Routine

The I Am Set contains I AM PURE, our Dual Facial Cleansing Bar, I AM JOY, our Radiant Rose Mist, and I AM LOVE, our Deep Illuminating Oil. These products are all natural; great for mothers who are trying to keep their glow even on their busiest days (and nights!).

The Age Well Set
Anti-aging skin essentials

This set is great for all ages. Living a busy, active life exposes skin to sweat and sun on a daily basis, which can cause lines and wrinkles. This set is designed to slow down the process of aging with skincare saviors to remove under-eye circles, and improve firmness and elasticity.
The Age Well Set - skin care gifts 2023

The Recover Set - skin care gifts 2023

The Recover Set
For those who want to wake up glowing

The Recover Set features our three night-time must haves. PURIFY ME gently cleans and exfoliates skin. REVIVE ME infuses skin with vitamins and moisture and regenerates collagen. RECOVER ME strengthens the skin barrier and fights breakouts, sun damage and dehydration.

Deep Illuminating Oil

Life can get so busy that sometimes we need a reminder to take a moment for ourselves. Massaging I AM LOVE onto your face deeply hydrates and revitalizes skin with its all natural blend of five super oils, providing a mindful moment of self care.
I AM LOVE - skin care gifts 2023

RECOVER ME - skin care gifts 2023

Nourishing Night Cream

Beauty rest is real; the body repairs itself as you sleep. To take full advantage of those restorative hours, use RECOVER ME nourishing night cream to clear up skin, fight UV damage and smooth wrinkles. Wake up to glowing skin.

What are the most popular skincare gift sets on FRÉ’s website?

The I Am Set and I AM LOVE are our most popular Valentine’s Day products. Their names are all about love and they are intensely nourishing and pampering. These products were creating in partnership with Yogi Talia Sutra and are designed to create a ritual of self-care and calm in our otherwise busy lives.

I AM JOY and I AM LOVE - skin care gifts 2023

I want to buy a special Valentine’s gift for my loved one. What do you suggest?

We have a lot of great products to choose from. If your loved one has dry skin we recommend the Recover Set or RECOVER ME Restorative Night Cream. If your loved ones loves organic skincare, start with 100% Organic Argan Oil.

How can I choose the right product for my partner’s skin?

You can take our skin quiz to find the right match for your partner. It’s simple and straightforward and only takes a few minutes of your time!

skincare quiz

How can I make someone feel special on Valentine’s day?

You can choose our special Shine Together gift box to make your loved one feel special. This set was designed in partnership with French Artist MaryLou Faure to celebrate the resilience and diversity of powerful women.

Why should I choose FRÉ for a Valentine's gift?

Skincare is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Show someone you care by gifting them strong, healthy skin and rituals for health and self-care. You can’t go wrong with our pampering products and sets.

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