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What’s Your Sweat Type?

by Aaron AD April 10, 2017

What’s Your Sweat Type?

Celebrating Sweat

Sweating. Everyone does it. Yet, for a long time sweat has had no place in skincare. Makeup ads featured beautiful sweat-free models and even sports brands were strangely sweat-free. But all that has changed. In 2017, it is time to embrace sweat. Ultimately, sweat and exercise are good for you skin and have a positive impact on your overall glow. In fact, Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist in Briarcliff Manor, New York says that "When you sweat, your pores open and release the grit and grime that has built up inside of them".

While overall, sweat is something we should celebrate, we also need to protect against the negative affects of sweat. In fact, workouts can cause skin damage and this is exacerbated by environmental conditions like sun and pollution, and further intensified by sweat. One of the main problems with sweating is that sweat actually increases the photosensitivity of skin and thereby increases skin damage. So what can you do to protect and maintain healthy sweaty skin? Well, first of all, it’s important to identify your skin type and what sweat does to your skin so you can find the skincare solution that works best for you.

Oily Skin: Sweat & Spots

If you have oily skin then you are probably prone to breakouts, and shiny skin. Unfortunately, sweating makes your skin problems worse leading to even oilier skin and breakouts. Makeup and skincare can block your pores while you sweat (preventing the natural cleansing effect of sweat) and over-cleansing can actually dehydrate your skin. The end result of a workout is skin that is oily, dehydrated and clogged.

How can Oily Skin Sweat Better?

The best tip for oily skin is to stay away from skincare that can block your pores. Instead, look for the label “non-comedogenic” (literally “not-clogging”). Also, don’t shy away from moisture. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean it won’t dehydrate when you sweat. Dr Rueckl from Lakes Dermatology says: “If you have oily skin, find a product to control the oil, not dry out your skin”. Keep an eye out for deeply replenishing serums. They contain all the benefits of a moisturizer but are better absorbed and don’t add grease to your skin.

Why FRÉ is Right for You

FRÉ is non-comedogenic with an incredibly light texture, and its key ingredient is deeply nourishing Argania Active Complex©. The Argan water extract in the formula is rich is saponin, a natural soap that has anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Argan is perfect for oily skin because it helps to regulate sebum production, which stops your skin producing excess oil. This prevents shiny-looking skin, acne and breakouts but keeps your skin moisturized. Using FRÉ on a daily basis keeps your skin healthy and fresh while you sweat.

FRÉ forOily Skin: Review from a FRÉ Enthusiast

Christina Giordano said: Love love love it!*****

I have been using the 123 set for about 2 weeks and I am in love! My skin has never felt better! I love that it is made for girls who sweat. I have been looking for a skin care routine and this is perfect! My pimples have gone away and my pours are starting to clear up!

Dry Skin: Moisture Drain

If your skin is dry you probably suffer from dry patches, a dull wrinkly texture and even redness in places. Your skin is super sensitive to outdoor conditions like sun and pollution and harsh weather can cause a lot of damage. When you sweat, your skin loses hydration and minerals causing further dullness and irritation.

How can Dry Skin Sweat Better?

If your skin is dry it needs serious hydration. When you workout sweat, sun and pollution can make your skin even drier than usual. The good news is, Argan is perfect for dry skin as it helps retain more moisture and prevent itching and flakiness. And if you ordinarily use a moisturizer but it just isn’t enough, try combining it with a serum. The trick is to apply a serum and then apply a moisturizer on top to lock in nutrients.

Why FRÉ is Right for You

Argania Active Complex©is the active ingredient in FRE’s 3-step skincare set and can give your skin the moisture it needs. FRÉ’s “Protect Me” is an ultra-moisturizing SPF cream that will protect and nourish your skin. You can combine it with FRÉ’s “Revive Me” serum for even more moisture. Finally, FRÉ’s cleanser “Purify Me” is fresh and gentle on the skin and won’t cause further irritation. Unlike most cleansers, “Purify Me” is actually hydrating so won’t strip your skin of essential moisture.

FRÉ forDry Skin:Review from a FRÉ Enthusiast

Marit Jendrowski said: FRE as in FREsh *****

I've tried a variety of skin care products and typically end up with very dry skin. FRE has left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. The smell is also AMAZING. I highly recommend.

Combination Skin: Breakouts and Moisture Drain

You have both the problems of oily skin and the challenges of dry skin – at the same time. In places your skin is oily and in others it looks dry and dull. When you exercise and sweat you get breakouts in some places (often around your T-zone) and irritated patches in others.

How can Combination Skin Sweat Better?

You need a skincare routine that simultaneously restores moisture and prevents breakouts. Non-comedogenic products are recommended, as are gentle skincare products – anything too aggressive will irritate your skin.

Why FRÉ is Right for You

FRÉ provides gentle soothing care. FRÉ’s cleanser is packed with gentle jojoba beads and doesn’t include any aggressive foaming agents. It keeps skin clean and fresh without irritation. FRÉ’s moisturizer and serum help to keep your skin clear and hydrated – both are non-comedogenic and based off FRÉ’s unique Argania Active Complex©.

FRÉ forCombination Skin:Review from a FRÉ Enthusiast

Katie Grenier said: Perfect for women who are active *****

I purchased this 2 weeks ago and was so excited to try it, and I haven't been disappointed. I workout 4-5 days a week mostly doing crossfit style workouts and running. My skin looks amazing, I haven't gotten any new acne (even on my period!), and my redness is gone. I live in Maine where the winter months can be brutally cold, so I am always worried about skincare products drying out my skin, but this is the perfect amount of moisturizer. If you are on the fence I highly recommended purchasing. I can't wait to see the results in the next few months!

Sensitive skin: Sweat Irritates Skin

If you have sensitive skin, sweat can badly irritate your skin, and sweat combined with skincare products can leave you with a stinging, burning, and blotchy face. You need to be careful about the products you use, as many off-the-shelf solutions that work well for other skin types will cause skin discomfort and tightness.

How can Sensitive Skin Sweat Better?

Natural vegan skincare products tend to work better for sensitive skin as they cut out many of the harsh chemicals that irritate skin. Even so, if you have sensitive skin, you should always do a small patch test to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in your skin care. Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey says “Sensitive skin can be a challenge. The good news is, once you follow a routine and use the right products, you’ll have healthy, happy skin in no time!”

Why FRÉ is Right for You

FRÉ provides a gentle vegan skincare solution that is kind to sensitive skin. It is ophthalmologically tested too, so won’t sting skin or eyes. Argania Active Complex©(the active ingredient in FRÉ) is perfect for sensitive skin since Argan contains anti-inflammatory agents such as vitamin E, and is deeply moisturizing.

FRÉ forSensitive Skin:Review from a FRÉ Enthusiast

Maddie said: Great for Sweaty Skin *****

I've tried a bunch of different products for my sensitive skin! FRÉ is by far the best, with its three different steps. It's lightweight and keeps my skin feeling fresh throughout my sweaty workouts. Love it!!

Normal skin: Sweat Intensifies Damage

If you have normal skin that is not usually prone to breakouts or problems than you are very lucky. However, sweating can still cause damage. While ordinarily your skin is firm and healthy looking, sweating and intense exercise can cause collagen degeneration and an overall loss of firmness. Sweat also intensifies sun damage and accelerates the effects of aging.

How can Normal Skin Sweat Better?

Just because skin starts off healthy doesn’t mean it should go unprotected. Normal skin should have a sweat-proof SPF to ensure that it is protected from sun damage during outdoor activity and sweat. At the end of the day your skin needs a good cleanser and a shot of moisture too.

 Why FRÉ is Right for You

FRÉ provides a simple 3-step solution so you don’t have to worry about your skin. Simply apply the sweat-proof SPF before outdoor exercise and your skin is protected. Once you are done FRÉ’s cleanser helps wash off the day, and FRÉ’s serum replenishes lost moisture making sure your skin stays healthy and firm.

FRÉ forNormal Skin:Review from a FRÉ Enthusiast

Amanda Gilley said: Amazing and so easy to use *****

I love the concept of this system and I love how easy it is to use. It's everything you need for a complete skin regime without having to think. Smells amazing, doesn't clog pores, and makes my skin glow!







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