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“When Women Are strong, The World Is Strong”: Meet FRÉ’s Founders

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 03, 2020

Meet FRÉ’s Founders

Mickael Bensadoun

I was born in Morocco in 1978 where I grew up until age 18; then I studied in Paris, and in New York, before immigrating to Israel in 2001 where I’ve worked with philanthropic organizations to help give equal opportunities to children, youth and immigrants. I am married to Yamit, a yoga teacher for women, and we have three wonderful boys.

At FRÉ, my passion is to work with our amazing community to build an impactful movement for women’s empowerment and environmental protection. I know that our community of female athletes, fitness and health coaches are passionate about empowering others and protecting our planet. If we can connect all our passions and strengths, I believe we will be amazed by what we will achieve as a community. So let’s DREAM BIG😊.

I am often asked why as I man, I care so much about women’s empowerment. First of all, my parents played an important role: my mother is a strong woman who broke the rules of traditional patriarchalism to become an ophthalmologist; my father is a gynecologist who helped women give birth. He helped me understand women naturally give life and naturally protect life.

Growing up in Morocco, I’ve always been sensitive to the condition of women and revolted with some of the things I saw. I’ve always felt how much stronger and better Morocco would be if women could realize their potential and help lead the country.

I believe in female leadership, I believe women are a driving force for progress and I believe free and strong women move humanity forward and we need them at their best, always! When women are strong, the world is strong.

Michael Azoulay

I was born in Paris in 1978 where I grew up until the age of 22. Then, in 2000, I immigrated to Israel. I am married to Tammy, a talented family therapist specializing in children’s behavior, and we have three amazing children: one daughter and two sons.

In the 1980s, I grew up in the center of Paris, in a stylish bohemian neighborhood called “Le Marais”. I evolved alongside my father and my uncle, two young and successful entrepreneurs in the clothing industry, who have strongly influenced who I am today. Since I was young, I have been attracted to product excellence and to bettering the consumer experience.

In 2000, new to Tel Aviv, my first job was Investment Banker, raising funds for start-ups in the high tech sector. But I realized very fast that retail and consumer experience was my real passion. So, in 2004, I joined the talented founding team of Arcaffé, a young chain of premium espresso bars. At Arcaffé, I learnt the crucial notion of being customer-centric and striving for product excellence.Koby Shemer, Arcaffé’s Co-Founder and one of the people who influenced me the most used to tell me: “If you manage to substantially improve a product and wrap it up in an unforgettable emotional experience, you can disrupt any industry''. Ten years later, Arcaffé became the leading premium coffee chain in Israel (with 50+ locations) and I had the opportunity to open my own franchises and gain through my experience as Director of Business Development and Marketing, a core part of the management team of this successful chain.

Then, I turned 35, and I decided to look for something else. When I met Mickael for the first time in 2014, I dreamt of building something beyond the boundaries of Israel, with a strong meaning. Founding a profitable business with an impactful social purpose was the objective. That’s what we are trying to achieve with FRÉ.

As two male founders, we are often asked “why women’s empowerment?” It’s because we feel we can change something here. We don't think women should only be supported by women. If we want to change the world by strengthening women’s place in it, I believe the support of men is essential. If we succeed here, we will make an impact.

At FRÉ, I lead the development of cutting edge skincare products for active skin, and the recruitment of our amazing ambassadors. I am passionate about creating breathtaking visual content for FRÉ and for our community. The sports I love the most are tennis and skiing.

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