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Why a Hydrating Mist Should be Part of Your Active Lifestyle

Lorisa Hasenbush July 30, 2020

Active skin can easily become dry, dull and tired skin, so REFRESH ME is the perfect way to give your skin a boost with hydration, vitamins, extracts and essential oils. It is easy to use: 1) shake the bottle to mix the two-layer formula, 2) pop the top, 3) close your eyes, and 4) spray the fine mist onto your skin. You can use it anytime of day as a pick-me-up, but let’s talk about how you can make REFRESH ME part of your skincare routine.

Perfect your makeup

When you start your day, you wash your face with a gentle cleanser, like  PURIFY ME,  and moisturize with a cream or serum, like  REVIVE ME.  Before putting on your makeup, spray your face with REFRESH ME. The mist will provide you with a smoother, more hydrated canvas to apply your makeup.

Once your makeup is on, spray your face again. This time the mist will set your makeup and give you a dewy, more natural look.

Enhance absorption of other products

You can use REFRESH ME to maximize the performance of your creams and treatments, as moist skin absorbs products better than dry skin. Before applying a cleansing mask, like  DETOX ME,  or a night treatment, like  RECOVER ME,  mist your face with REFRESH ME. Then, rub on the mask or treatment; it will go on smoothly and soak in more efficiently due to your damp skin.

Keep your skin hydrated

Intense exercise results in intense sweating, which can lead to overly dry skin.

REFRESH ME adds hydration to your skincare routine, preventing skin dehydration.

After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, like  PURIFY ME,  spray your face with REFRESH ME. Then, apply a serum, such as  REVIVE ME,  a moisturizing SPF, like  GLOW ME,  or a hydrating oil, like  100% Organic Argan Oil.  The product that you put on top of the mist will seal in the hydration, giving you a healthy glow.

Cleanse after your workout 

After a great workout, you feel amazing, but your skin is covered in sweat and grime. Head for the showers and wash with a clarifying body cleanser, like  PURIFY BODY.  After toweling off, spray your face with REFRESH ME to give yourself a little boost after all that hard work. You can also spray it on your body for added freshness.

REFRESH ME makes your skin glow

REFRESH ME can be used any time of day to revive skin whenever it is dry, sweaty, dull or tired. But, you can prevent dull skin and stay dewy by making REFRESH ME part of your skincare routine. Spray it on to improve your makeup, to improve the absorption of creams and serums, to maintain hydrated skin and to pamper yourself. 

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