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Why You Should Go Vegan, With Your Skincare

by Aaron AD August 13, 2017

Why You Should Go Vegan, With Your Skincare

We all know what it means to go vegan with food. And the truth is, if everyone in the world gave up animal products, it would have the same positive effect on the environment and our health as if everyone in the world stopped driving cars. Animal products are energy intensive to produce. According to Scientific American, half a pound of beef emits as much as driving the same car 9.8 miles (12.7 km). But this doesn’t just apply to food; it applies to every aspect of life, including skincare.

It might surprise you to learn that many of the skincare products we purchase are crammed full of animal products. In fact there’s a long list of ingredients including collagen, keratin, lanolin, stearic acid and more that are derived from animals. These are ingredients that help plump up lifeless skin, help make skin smoother, and much more. And while some animal products have alternatives – for example, hyaluronic acid can be created in a lab – many don’t.

Opt out of animal products and animal cruelty

Vegan skincare goes beyond caring for our environment and opting out of animal based products. Vegan skincare means skincare that has not been tested on animals so it is totally cruelty free. It also includes natural and organic ingredients and avoids potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. Harmful ingredients include parabens, a common preservative in skincare products that is toxic and was shown to have potentially carcinogenic properties; SLS, a foaming agent frequently used in shampoo and cleansers that can leave skin dry and dull; synthetic colors and fragrances that can cause redness and irritation and much more. Vanessa Cunningham, New York-based nutrition & lifestyle coach put together a helpful and comprehensive listof what you should avoid. Of course, vegan skincare isn’t the only measure of a healthy and animal friendly lifestyle. Vegan skincare is just one part of a fit and healthy lifestyle that should include wholesome nutrition and a healthy fitness regime.

Find the right vegan solution for your skin

The best way to avoid toxic products is to go vegan, but going vegan with skincare may sound tricky. After all, you don’t want to lose the benefits of animal products. And if you have specific skin issues – for example if you are prone to breakouts, or have skin that often sweats – you may feel like there are limited solutions. But don’t worry, if you are trying to make the switch to vegan skincare, the good news is there are amazing vegan ingredients that can protect and nourish your skin without harming the environment or adding toxins to your skin. In fact, there are so many solutions and products out there, in 2017 it is easy to choose something labeled “vegan”. What’s more challenging is finding something that suits your skin, especially since there are so many amazing plant-based solutions out there. So where can you start?

The power of Argan

If you are looking for vegan skincare, Argan is an incredible ingredient that stands out from the crowd. It’s totally vegan and has been proven by years of traditional use. For generations, the Amazigh people of the Argan forests of Morocco have been using it for skin, hair and even medicinally. The trees and oil are so precious that the Argan Forest was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1998. So why is Argan such a powerful ingredient for vegan skincare? Well, it’s packed with fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and linoleic acid. This combination means Argan is full of replenishing moisture, anti-aging ingredients that boost the production of skin cells and also help to ease inflammation and treat breakouts.

Next generation vegan skincare with FRÉ

FRÉ is a vegan skincare range powered by Argania Active Complex©. This is a unique formula specially developed by a team of botanists and dermatologists that takes Argan one step further by combining Argan oil with leaf-water and stem cells that have demonstrated a protecting and nourishing effect on dermal cells and are capable of deeply rejuvenating skin.  FRÉ’s 3-step skincare solution contains everything you need to go vegan while giving your skin the best care possible. Use PROTECT ME – a moisturizing SPF cream – to protect skin before a work out or busy day. Then use PURIFY ME – a moisturizing cleanser – to wipe off excess sweat and grime, and finally try REVIVE ME – an anti-aging serum – to deeply nourish your skin and build skin resilience. All products are formulated with vegan and organic ingredients for a light and fresh feel. For every skincare set sold, an Argan tree is planted to preserve the ancestral Argan forest of Morocco and empower women’s communities who harvest organic Argan oil.


Here’s what our skincare enthusiasts have to say

***** Kellie Ames said: Completely Revived My Skin

Thank you sooo much FRÉ! I switched to the 3 step process about 2 weeks ago and have to say it has completely revived my face. I never had an issue with acne growing up, but as an adult, I have struggled with breakouts around my chin that I have not been able to get rid of. FRÉ’s skincare is soft, smells great, and really works! I love that it's vegan and made with nontoxic ingredients too!

***** Amanda Gilley said: Amazing and so easy to use

I love the concept of this system and I love how easy it is to use. It's everything you need for a complete skin regime without having to think. Smells amazing, doesn't clog pores, and makes my skin glow!


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