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Your post Halloween skin doesn’t need to be scary.

by Pam Green October 31, 2019

Your post Halloween skin doesn’t need to be scary.

Witches, goblins, zombies, or mummies, no matter which one you choose to be, one thing’s for certain, Halloween is not a treat for your skin!

Thick, inexpensive face paint and makeup, alcohol, candy, and a late night is quite the scary combination, and while we all want to have a fantastic night, we don’t want our skin to pay for it for weeks after.


Tip 1: Preparation is key!

You know you’re going big! So prep your skin for the night ahead, you will thank us! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize… before starting to apply your face paint or heavy make-up, apply PROTECT ME the defense moisturizer with SPF30. Remember that the make-up you’re using today probably doesn’t contain any SPF.

Tip 2: Clean up before bed.

Face paints and Halloween make-up products are often very inexpensive and not exactly the most skin friendly, in fact, they’re frightful! You’re probably going to get home really late, but if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that you need to wash your face thoroughly before going to bed. After using your go-to make-up remover, do a final wash with PURIFY ME, the little blue jojoba beads will rid your skin of any last bits of Halloween ghastlies.


Tip 3: Avoid skin nightmares.

You’re all clean and ready for bed right? But after all the monsters you’ve seen, you’re forgiven for being a little scared of finding some under your bed, but don't let monster breakouts scare you. Apply a serum for added hydration and nourishment (REVIVE ME) and finish off with a little nighttime miracle - RECOVER ME, to fight any looming breakouts, and dehydration while you sleep. 

Tip 4: Detox

Tomorrow when you wake up, drink water. And then drink a little bit more water. And then some more. That will definitely help you feel better. Your skin needs the same detox routine so we recommend applying your favorite clearing mask (DETOX ME) to gently peel away dead skin cells and purify your skin of any build-up of ghastlies and other pollutants from last night and the week that was.


Tip 5: The eyes say it all!

Don’t forget your eye contour, your body’s most sensitive skin zone. Late nights, alcohol, and yucky face paint can leave you with dark circles and puffy eye bags. BRIGHTEN ME anti-dark circles eye cream should be gently applied to your eye contour in the morning (and in the evening, especially after a big night out)

Follow this friendly advice andyou’ll avoid a rubbery, zombie-looking post Halloween face!

Happy HalloweenFRÉnds!

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