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If you have been seeing blemishes on your neck especially in hot weather or after working out, you may have a problem with sweat pimples on the neck. Sweat pimples usually appear on areas of the body with a lot of sweat glands or areas that come into contact wit sweat. When you are doing strenuous manual work or working out, you will sweat from the head and sweat will drip down your face to your neck.

The good news is that sweat pimples are one of the easiest types of acne to treat especially if they aren't inflamed. The way to get rid of them it to change the way you take care of your skin. The sweat pimples on neck start forming, given that the pores are not letting sweat pass through the skin. Instead, it is getting trapped in the pores and mixing with makeup and dirt which is causing the pores to get inflamed. When this happens, the pimples form and appear on the skin as liquid-filled pimples known as sweat pimples.

It may also be that you are not cleansing your skin thoroughly. This is why the face needs to be cleaned with more than soap and water. You need to use a facial cleanser that will cleanse not only the surface of the skin but also the pores where blemishes form.

If you work out often, then you have added vulnerability to blemishes given that active skin that is often stretched and pulled during a workout. it is also exposed to the sun and other environmental factors. This gives it a higher predisposition to facial skin damage and premature aging.

Apart from thorough cleansing, it is also necessary and important to exfoliate the skin. This removes dead skin cells from the skin which reveals the new cells and skin that is soft and smooth. It also helps to keep the pores clear.

Another key factor in getting sweat pimples on the neck under control is when the skin is cleansed. Ideally, you should clean your face and neck before a workout. Removing dirt and makeup clears the pores so that when you sweat when you workout, it will pass through the pores rather than get trapped and cause problems. It is also important to clean the face again after a workout. This time, the goal will be to remove sweat rather than allow it to remain in the pores and start causing inflammation in the pores.

Choice of skincare products

The most important factor is the products that you use. You can be diligent about taking care of your skin but it you are not using the right products, then you will not get the results you want.

Post-Workout Skincare

Live free with FRE

You can search but you will not find better skin care products for active skin than FRE Skincare products. FRE is, in fact, the pioneer brand of skincare products for women who work out. The idea for such a product was conceived on Tel Aviv beach when the brand owners saw a local woman jogging by with her face cream running down her face in the sun.

Their observation and idea saw them put together a team of dermatologists and botanists whose research led them to the outstanding skin nourishing properties of argan oil in Morocco. From this oil, they formulated Argania Active Complex which is what FRE skincare products are based on.

The products are packed in a three-product set known as the 123FRE Set. It contains:

  • Protect Me, a moisturizer that will defend your skin against the sun and other environmental elements with SPF 30. It has a very light texture that quickly absorbs into the skin because it is made for skin that sweats. It will feel light and comfortable on the skin even during a workout and in water, it remains watertight for up to 80 minutes.
  • Purify Me, a facial cleanser enriched with jojoba and argan that will do more than clean your skin. It will leave pores completely clear, provide gentle exfoliation and de-stress and rebalance your skin after a tough workout. Only your post workout glow will be left.
  • Revive Me, a serum that will optimize the condition of your skin with a blast of moisture and vitamins. Used daily, it will turn back the hands of time and fight the effects of sweat, sun and other environmental factors.

The Solution: 123FRÉ Skin Care Treatment

Formulated for sweating skin. 

123FRÉ is a comprehensive 3-step anti-aging treatment that creates healthy and resilient skin for women who love to work out. Its formulas and textures are specially suited to skin that sweats. 

Step 1: "Protect Me" is an ultra-light SPF30 moisturizer. It is water-resistant, won't clog pores and won't sting eyes when you sweat (ophthalmologist tested).

Step 2: "Purify Me" is a hydrating facial cleanser that soothes, de-stresses, hydrates and rebalances skin pH, post-workout.

Step 3: "Revive Me" is a specialized anti-aging serum that regenerates collagen and skin elasticity.

All products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. 

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I have to say that I was blown away by the quality of the products! There simply is no other way to put it. And what surprised me most was that I wasn't the only one to notice that my skin looked better; people complimented me for having this "certain glow".


I have a very sensitive skin (that easily gets irritated from sweating during workout and from the changing weather conditions here) and the Fré samples calmed and soothed the skin directly after the first use.

Set yourself free with FRE

Order your 123FRE Set and set yourself from sweat pimples on neck and other sweat-induced skin blemishes.

123FRÉ Facial Skincare Routine

Step 1: "Protect Me"
  1. Apply to facial, neck, and décolleté skin prior to workout.
  2. Massage until fully absorbed.
Step 2: "Purify Me"
  1. Apply directly to skin post-workout.
  2. Massage into skin with a facial sponge.
  3. Rinse.
Step 3: "Revive Me"
  1. Apply several drops of serum to clean skin.
  2. Massage for overall coverage.
123FRE Set
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FRÉ Skincare Natural Ingredients

You don't have to compromise between exercise and your skin health. Inspired by active and resilient women, FRÉ skincare products are specially formulated to help protect, cleanse, and repair skin that has undergone damage caused by sweat, environmental factors and intense exercise. Launched in October 2016, we are committed to promoting healthy beauty in motion thanks to our botanical-based research & development.