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Given that the skin is always exposed to allergens, environmental elements, toxins and so much more, it is very susceptible to irritation which can cause different conditions. One of them is sweat rashes. A rash is a reaction to being exposed to an allergen or sweat that is trapped in the pores. Sweat rash on forehead is particularly common.

As the name suggests, sweat rash on forehead is caused by sweat. When the body is engaged in doing something laborious or strenuous, the body sweats in order to keep it cool. Ideally, the sweat passes through the pores and evaporates on the skin which is how it keeps the body cool. The problem arises when the sweat remains trapped in the pores along with dead skin cells and dirt. When this happens, sweat rash develops.

It is a problem that typically develops on the forehead because a lot of sweat touches the forehead as it runs down from the head. The forehead is also one part of the body that sweats a lot during physical exertion. This is why it typically afflicts people who frequently do manual labor and those who work out often.

Sweat rashes may not bother you but it is important to take steps to get rid of them. This is because they may be a symptom of a serious condition such as allergic purpura, an autoimmune bleeding disorder, meningitis or anaphylaxis which is a potentially fatal reaction to an allergen. A forehead rash may also be a symptom of toxic epidermal necrolysis which is caused by a severe reaction to medication.

Diy Treatment For Sweat Rash On Forehead

There are some home remedies that you can try to get rid of your rash:

  • Applying olive oil, baking soda paste or aloe vera
  • Taking Vitamin E and cod liver oil to condition the skin
  • Applying cooked oatmeal to the rash
  • Applying ice packs to relieve itchiness and tone down redness

Preventing Sweat Rash

Sweat rash typically afflicts those who do heavy manual work and those who work out often. The way to avoid the rash is by ensuring that skin pores remain open given that sweat should pass through them rather than getting trapped within.

If you work out often, this can be a challenge. However, it can be done. What you need to do is step up your skin care routine. For one, you should cleanse your skin right before and after a workout. If you will be working out first thing in the morning, you need to wash your wash to remove your night cream and dirt or sweat so that your pores remain clear. After your run or workout at the gym, you need to cleanse again to remove sweat given that you need to keep the pores clean and clear to avoid inflammation.

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A Lasting Solution

You may choose to go for one of these solutions given that you may not want to use anything unnatural. While these may work, they will only give you temporary relief. If you work out frequently, you will always be trying one thing or the other.

The good news is that there is a solution that will give you the results you want and keep forehead sweat rashes at bay forever. The solution is a range of skincare products formulated especially for skin that sweats. It is the FRÉ Skincare range which is formulated for skin that sweats.

FRÉ is the pioneer brand of skincare products made for women who work out. The products are based on Argania Active Complex ©, a unique blend of Argan stem cells, water leaf extract and organic oil. The complex was discovered by a team of botanists and dermatologists.

Get Set For Clear, Radiant Skin With The 123 FRÉ Set

FRÉ products are packaged in the 123 FRÉ Set that has a trio of products namely:

  • Protect Me, a moisturizer that will dutifully guard your skin against the sun and other environmental elements. It has an SPF of 30 and remains impervious to water for up to 80 minutes. It is very light on the skin even during a workout.
  • Purify Me, a cleanser that will remove the sweat and dirt and leave you with clean and clear pores. It will also gently scrub your skin and hydrate it with jojoba and argan oil leaving you with your radiant, post-workout glow.
  • Revive Me, a serum for daily use that conditions the skin and prevents premature anti-aging with its potent mix of vitamins and moisture.

Fight Your Sweat Rash With

The 123FRÉ Set


FRÉ works its magic on your skin while you work out

FRÉ Skincare products were formulated to see women who work out free from skin problems related to post-workout problems caused by sweat. Get some FRÉ and love your skin.


Step 1: "Protect Me"
1.Apply to facial, neck, and décolleté skin prior to workout.
2.Massage until fully absorbed.
Step 2: "Purify Me"
1. Apply directly to skin post-workout.
2. Massage into skin with a facial sponge.
3. Rinse.
Step 3: "Revive Me"
1. Apply several drops of serum to clean skin.
2. Massage for overall coverage.

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