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The skin is the body's largest organ and it has several roles to play. One of them is to regulate body temperature by producing sweat. Sweat is secreted from the sweat glands which are in almost every part of our body. The glands are regulated by the brain which sends signals to them to produce sweat when the body temperature is rising which is what happens with physical exertion such as exercise. The sweat travels to the ducts and out through the pores where it evaporates which has a cooling effect.

If this process goes as it should, then there will not be any problem. However, sometimes the sweat ducts are blocked and the sweat remains trapped under the skin instead of coming out through the pores. When this happens, then sweat rash develops. This is caused when the clogged sweat ducts or pores become inflamed.

The rash is characterized by little, raised bumps that appear on the skin in small patches. Sometimes, there may be itchiness or a prickly feeling which is why the condition is also called prickly heat rash. The rash typically strikes on parts of the body that are exposed such as the hands and elbow folds. Sweat rash on neck is also common because the neck is also exposed and it has folds that sweat can get caught in.

Types of sweat rash

There are different types of it:

  • Red or miliaria rubra
  • Clear or miliaria crystallina
  • White or yellow which is also known as miliaria pustulosa
  • Deep or miliaria profunda
Post-Workout Skincare

Preventing sweat rash

Sweat rash typically afflicts those who do heavy manual work and those who work out often. The way to avoid the rash is by ensuring that skin pores remain open given that sweat should pass through them rather than getting trapped within.

If you work out often, this can be a challenge. However, it can be done. What you need to do is step up your skin care routine. For one, you should cleanse your skin right before and after a workout. If you will be working out first thing in the morning, you need to wash your wash to remove your night cream and dirt or sweat so that your pores remain clear. After your run or workout at the gym, you need to cleanse again to remove sweat given that you need to keep the pores clean and clear to avoid inflammation.

Getting it right with the right products

Also key is the products you choose to use on your skin. You can be very careful about taking care of your skin but if you not using the right products, sweat rash may remain a constant problem for you. To get it right, you need to use skin products made for active skin and the best choice you can make is FRÉ Skincare products.

FRÉ is the first line of products made for women who work out and it has become the benchmark for other products. FRÉ products were inspired by the sight of a woman jogging in the sun on a Tel Aviv beach. Her face cream was running down her face making her squint as she tried to see in the sun.

This led two entrepreneurs to realize that active women needed skin products who would meet their particular needs. They set out to make this happen and they started by creating a team of botanists and dermatologists to carry out research into what sweating, active skin needed. Their search led them to formulate the Argania Active Complex ©, a unique blend of Argan stem cells, water leaf extract and organic oil.

The team came up with three unique, rich skincare products for active skin:

  • Protect Me, an SPF 30 moisturizer that is water-resistant. You'll forget you are wearing it even during a workout given that is so light and breathable.
  • 2) Purify Me, a cleanser that will not only clean but also used gently scrub your skin and leave it soft and smooth thanks to the desert hydrating powers of jojoba and argan.
  • Revive Me, a serum which will condition your skin with a good dose of moisture and vitamins and encourage the formation of collagen and new skin cells.

The Solution: 123FRÉ Skin Care Treatment

Formulated for skin that sweats.

123FRÉ is a comprehensive 3-step routine that creates a clear complexion and a healthy glow. It combats exercise and sweat-induced skin damage: breakouts, dehydration and aging.

Step 1: Protect Me (2 fl. oz / 60 ml) is an ultra-light SPF30 moisturizer. It is water-resistant, won't clog pores and won't sting eyes when you sweat. No white cast. 

Step 2: Purify Me (5.07 fl. oz / 150 ml) is a hydrating facial cleanser that prevents and treats breakouts, de-stresses and re-balances skin pH, post-workout.

Step 3: Revive Me (2 fl. oz / 60 ml) is a specialized anti-aging serum that boosts fatigued skin with vitamins and minerals, regenerates collagen and skin elasticity, creating an energized healthy glow.

All products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. 

The 123FRÉ set lasts for more than 3 months. Value: $150. 

Free Shipping to the U.S. 

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I have to say that I was blown away by the quality of the products! There simply is no other way to put it. And what surprised me most was that I wasn't the only one to notice that my skin looked better; people complimented me for having this "certain glow".


I have a very sensitive skin (that easily gets irritated from sweating during workout and from the changing weather conditions here) and the Fré samples calmed and soothed the skin directly after the first use.

Banish the rash

FRÉ skincare products come in a set, the 123 FRÉ Set. Get it today and see those sweat rashes on neck disappear, never to return.

123FRÉ Facial Skincare Routine

Step 1: "Protect Me"
  1. Apply to facial, neck, and décolleté skin prior to workout.
  2. Massage until fully absorbed.
Step 2: "Purify Me"
  1. Apply directly to skin post-workout.
  2. Massage into skin with a facial sponge.
  3. Rinse.
Step 3: "Revive Me"
  1. Apply several drops of serum to clean skin.
  2. Massage for overall coverage.
123FRE Set
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FRÉ Skincare Natural Ingredients

You don't have to compromise between exercise and your skin health. Inspired by active and resilient women, FRÉ skincare products are specially formulated to help protect, cleanse, and repair skin that has undergone damage caused by sweat, environmental factors and intense exercise. Launched in October 2016, we are committed to promoting healthy beauty in motion thanks to our botanical-based research & development.