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5 tips for oily skin pre and post workout skincare

by Aaron AD January 20, 2017

5 tips for oily skin pre and post workout skincare

People who have oily skin are usually dealing with zits and other blemishes because of the excess oil that they skin produces. Women who work out have even more of a problem because of sweating. When sweat mixes with excess sebum, it clogs the pores leading to skin problems like sweat rash and sweat sores.

The good news is that there are things you can do before and after workout to prevent such skin problems.

Taking care of your skin before working out

1) Clean slate

Before working out, clean your skin with a high-quality cleanser. This will remove oil and dirt before sweat can mix with it, clog the pores and start forming blemishes.

2) Don't overdo the toning

Toners are made to remove any dirt and traces of cleanser left on the skin after the cleanser has been rinsed or wiped off. However, overusing can make skin sensitive. You can use it just twice a week and substitute it with mild yet effective rose water.

3) Hydrate

Dehydration can stimulate the stress glands and make them produce more oil. Using a moisturizer after cleansing is therefore important. One that is water-resistant is even better.

4) Don't overload

Your skin will also react to being overloaded with products. The skin does benefit from products like scrubs and masks but you need to pace them. Just before working out, cleansing and applying a light layer of moisturizer is enough. Then, use a facial scrub and masks just twice a week.

5) Keep it clear

Let your skin breathe whenever possible. For instance, you don't need to apply makeup to go and workout. When you sweat when working out, the makeup will mix with sweat, get into the pores and clog them, which is how skin blemishes start.

Taking care of oily skin after working out

After a vigorous workout, your skin needs to be taken care of. You need to do so by;

1) Cleansing

You need to cleanse your skin right after a workout. This ensures that sweat, grime and bacteria won't get into the pores. It also ensures that your skin can absorb moisturizer and other skin care products better.

2) Moisturizing

Before you apply moisturizer, your skin is vulnerable to the sun and other weather elements. A good moisturizer provides a barrier of protection. However, some moisturizers are better than others. The best one will have SPF to keep you protected even if you are running or working out outdoors. A moisturizer for oily skin should also be ultra-light and quickly absorbed.

3) Soothing and rebalancing

After the rigors of exercise, your skin needs to be soothed as well. Otherwise, you may start to see symptoms of Runner's Face. The moisturizer you choose should not only hydrate your skin but also de-stress and rebalance it after the toughest workout.

4) Strengthening

Another thing that your skin needs is to be strengthened and made resilient. This is what a good-quality serum will do; it fights off the effects of sweat, sun rays and vigorous, repeated movements of the skin.

5) Use high-quality makeup

After your workout, you will usually want to apply makeup. For oily skin, mineral makeup which is light and hypoallergenic is best. Just be sure to always take it all off before going to bed.

Skin care who women who workout

FRÉ is a line of skin care products dedicated to women who work out. The 123FRE skincare sethas three products that give your skin all the protection and nourishing it needs:

  • Protect Me, an ultra-light moisturizer with SPF 30 made for skin that sweats,
  • Purify Me, deep pore cleanser and gentle exfoliant,
  • Revive Me, a vitamin and moisture-rich serum that regenerates skin cells and collagen.

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