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Hold on your post-workout glow with skincare products made for women who work out

by Gary Scetbon January 20, 2017

Hold on your post-workout glow with skincare products made for women who work out

One of the benefits of working out is the lovely after-glow. The increased rate of breathing sends oxygen rushing to the blood and the heart beats faster to move the oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin and the muscles. This gives the skin a lovely, healthy glow with slightly flushed cheeks and skin that is clear and dewy.

However, this benefit can be compromised or lost because of problems that can develop on the skin after a workout. This includes problems like Runner's Face and sweat pimples. Runner's Face makes the cheeks sag and develop a skeletal, sunken-in look because of intense bouncing during exercise, burning fat and regular exposure to the sun. Runner's Face is often seen in both men and women. In particular, marathon and road race runners who are often running in the sun tend to have it.

Another common post-workout skin problem is sweat pimples. Sweaty skin provides a warm and moist environment that bacteria need to thrive. Sweat pimples are made worse by working out while wearing makeup or sunscreen. When sweat combines with dirt on the skin, the grime clogs the pores which trap bacteria in the pores. Sweat pimples are also made worse by gym equipment which is used by everyone.

The good news is that there are fool-proof ways to hold on to your glow. One is being careful with the equipment you use. Put a pack of wet wipes in your pocket and quickly swipe equipment before using it. When it comes to your skin, the most important thing you can do is keep it clean before and after working out.

When you clean your skin before you start working out, sweat will not mix with dirt and clog your pores. Your pores will remain clear. Similarly, when you wash off after working out, the sweat is fresh and bacteria will not have time to develop and cause sweat pimples and other forms of sweat blemishes.

It is not just about keeping clean though. The products you use are very important. Only high-quality products will give you good results and keep your skin products in good condition consistently. This is where FRÉ Skincare products come in. FRÉ products are one of a kind - they are the first range of products dedicated to the skin of women who often work out, specially formulated for skin that sweats.

FRÉ products are formulated based on the research findings of a team of dermatology and botanical experts. The team researches how frequent, vigorous exercise and sweat affect facial skin. The result is skincare products formulated for sweating skin that protect and nourish skin deeply and completely, with non-comedogenic lightweight textures.

The complete range of products come in a set known as 123FRE. This comprehensive set of FRÉ products has three different products for a 3-step routine designed for women who love sweating. They are:

Protect Me

Protect Meis the first step. It is a very light moisturizer with an SPF of 30. It is resistant to sweat. It also has a light consistency so it is quickly absorbed and does not leave the skin looking or feeling greasy.

Purify Me

The second product in the set is Purify Me. It is a cleanser that will leave skin deep-cleansed as well as soothed and rebalanced after the rigors of exercise. It cleans skin right down to the pores so bacteria and grime don't have a chance to clog the pores and form blemishes.

Revive Me

Revive Meis step three. It is a rich serum with ingredients that encourage the skin to regenerate collagen which maintains skin elasticity. This potent serum also has anti-aging properties that prevent Runner's Face.

Fool-proof skin nourishment

FRÉ skincare products are 100% vegan and are full of Argan antioxidants, stem cells, essential fatty acids, and sterols. Sweat with FRÉ & love your glow!

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