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Is sweating good for your skin? Research By Dr. S. Rozenblat

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 15, 2019

Is sweating good for your skin? Research By Dr. S. Rozenblat

Sweating allows your skin to release toxins, which is great for your healthy glow, but unfortunately, sweating can also cause rashes or irritation, premature aging, Collagen degeneration,over-dryness, pH imbalance, Loss of minerals and vitamins. 

Working out is good for your skin and benefits your body, but athletes who workout outdoors are at an increased risk of sunburn premature aging and skin cancer due to the many hours they are exposed to the sun's rays.

But let’s be real. You love to exercise, and a good sweat makes you feel liberated. The adrenaline rush after a hard workout is fabulous high that drives you to push harder the next day. So how can sweat be so bad for your skin?

Dr. Sharon Rozenblat, the herbal research expert breaks down the ways that sweat can damage your skin, And how to protect yourself:

Sun damage and premature aging

The damage caused by the sun is worsened by sweat because it makes the skin more photosensitive to UV rays.

Solution: Wear long-sleeves and hats when outdoors. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30to your face.

Collagen degeneration

High-impact workouts and intense sweating can cause anti-oxidative stress. This stress leads to collagen degeneration and a loss of skin’s elasticity and firmness, meaning wrinkles start to form. 

Solution: Have a post-workout skincare routine that refreshes and cleanses your face, Eats foods that are high in antioxidants, like berries and lentils.

Dehydration causes over-dryness

Intense exercise causes intense sweating, which can result in dehydration and overly dry skin.

Solution: Make sure to drink water throughout your workout. Apply a hydrating serum, as part of your post-workout skincare routine.

pH imbalance skin

Heavy sweating disrupts the delicate pH balance of your skin and causes irritation, redness, itching, and blotchiness. 

Solution: Make sure to use skincare products that are suited to your skin type. Remember to make a moisturizer part of your daily skincare routine.

Loss of minerals and vitamins

Sweating releases toxins, but it also causes key minerals and vitamins to escape.

Solution: Remember to eat a balanced diet. This included healthy snacks before and after working out.

Science’s take on Sweat and Skin

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, athletes are at an increased risk of skin cancer due to the increased photosensitivity caused by sweating.

Usually, photosensitivity is caused by excessive exposure to bright natural light, specifically to UV rays. Thus, athletes who spend most of the day outdoors are at double risk.

They are at risk of skin cancer and photosensitivity, which is a disease in its own right and causes skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.


Sweat Bumps

Bumps from sweat are unsightly. Sweat bumps on facial skin and especially in the oily T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin area) are the most visible, yet exercise can also cause sweat bumps on your back, chest, feet, and legs.

Sweat Blisters

Is sweating good for skin or will it cause rashes? Sweat blisters are a type of rash caused by sweat. Sweat blisters on the face and neckcan sting and look unsightly. Help protect your skin from sweat blisters by using 123FRÉ to protect and cleanse your skin.

Sweat Pimples

Women who work out want to know: "is sweating good for your face?" and "does sweat cause pimples?" The answer to the question, "can sweat cause pimples?" is yes; sweat can cause rash related pimples. Sweat pimples can crop up on your face, forehead, chest and even on your legs and other areas. you can Use 123FRÉ to prevent sweat pimples, click here to check price and reviews.

Sweat Rash

Women who work out want to know, "is sweating good for your face?" and "does sweat cause rashes?" The answer is yes; sweat can cause rashes. Sweat rashes can happen on your face, forehead, and chest. Use 123FRÉ to prevent sweat rashes.

Sweat Sores

Rigorous exercise can cause sweat sores on facial, neck and décolleté skin especially if you exercise outdoors and are exposed to UVA/UVB sun. This can lead to discoloration and discomfort. Sweat sores appear as a raised burn on the skin, usually accompanied by itching and stinging. Protect your skin from sweat sores with FRÉ Skincare.

Sweat Spots

If you see a sweat spot it’s a sign that your skin has been damaged by the sun. Protect yourself from sweat spots. FRÉ Skincare can help protect skin with potent antioxidants and broad-spectrum SPF. Prevent the damaging effects of photo-aging and other environmental factors with FRÉ Skincare.


Quick Review of Sweat and Skin

Working out makes you feel incredible, and sweating gives you a healthy glow. But sweating can also give you rashes in the short-run and wrinkles in the long-run. Remember the best way to prevent sweat-induced irritants and premature aging is to have a good skincare routine, like FRÉ’s 123Set, to cleanse and protect your skin before and after exercising as well as to have a balanced diet.

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