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The Wonder Oil: Tips & Tricks for Using Argan

by Adam Sessler December 13, 2018

The Wonder Oil: Tips & Tricks for Using Argan

Argan oil has the status of a cult product, and has been expertly harvested by the Amazigh women of Morocco for generations. Jam packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids, it is well known for deeply rehydrating skin and hair, and is often used as a remedy for skincare issues or other health problems, either applied topically or ingested. It’s non greasy, easily absorbed and you can also cook with it!



At FRÉ, all our skincare solutions are powered by Argan, and a large part of our mission is giving back, so, for every set sold, we plant an Argan tree of life and help support women’s cooperatives in Morocco. You can read about our “One Set, One Tree” empowerment program here.


Argan oil contains a potent mix of tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids, (including 80% unsaturated fatty acids). To read more about the science behind the oil, click here. Not sure what to do with Argan? We’ve distilled our favorite tips, tricks and benefits into this blog, so read on to find out.


  1. Superfood for skin

Argan is best known for its incredible moisturizing properties. Even the driest of skins will emerge silky soft with the application of Argan. According to Marie Claire, Argan is basically the perfect oil – unlike almost every other oil, which leans one way or the other, it is exactly midway on the spectrum of oiliness (meaning it’s not too heavy or too light). This makes it ideal for ALL skin types. It has the power to turn dry skin dewy soft, to eliminate acne and even to make oily skin less oily (it might sound counterintuitive but using oil on oily skin has in fact been proven to help reduce oiliness). Essentially Argan is a superfood for your skin.

Pro Tip: Use Argan oil as a night serum; apply a few drops to facial skin after cleansing. For added hydration, lock in the moisture by applying your nighttime moisturizer once the oil is dry.


  1. Tame lifeless locks

If its skincare credentials weren’t enough, Argan oil is also perfect for hair. You can use it to tame frazzled hair that’s seen one too many rounds of hair dye, blow dries and straightening irons. You can use it to reclaim your (previously) silky mane on days with super high humidity, and maintain your sleek shine through the toughest of workouts.


Pro Tip:Use Argan oil as a leave in conditioner by combing a few drops of it through your hair with your hands after you shampoo. For more advice on how to use it in hair, take a look at what leading beauty bloggers have to say.


  1. Declutter your beauty routine (and your life)

Research has proven that messy homes and workspaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. One place that is often full of mess, clutter and unnecessary products is our bathroom shelves. And think about it – what do you actually use when it comes to your beauty routine for face, body and hair? The truth is you can probably throw a lot out and focus on powerful multipurpose products like Argan oil. So throw out what you don’t need and grab some Argan!


Pro Tip:Add a teaspoon of Argan oil to your bath and step out with silky smooth skin.


  1. Sweat better

Our favorite Argan oil tip and trick involves working out (because we love to sweat!). Thanks to its non-comedogenic properties (meaning, it doesn’t clog pores) Argan is ideal as a skincare solution for sweaty workouts. If you are always busy with work and love to hit the gym hard (ie. you have zero time for complicated skincare routines), there is nothing better than a simple to use Argan-based beauty routine to deeply cleanse your skin and leave you with a natural glow. Get started with the 123FRÉ Set to eliminate post-workout breakouts.

Pro tip:Treat your sweaty skin to a complete hydra detox with our DETOX ME Argan-powered facemask.


Want to know more? Read about sweaty skin, workouts and Argan here.

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