For every 123FRÉ set sold, an Argan Tree of Life is planted


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Yes yes yes!

I have been practicing hot yoga for years and became a teacher less than a year ago. Being in the hot room on a daily basis was wreaking havoc on my skin. And, unfortunately, I am a picker! I have tried lots of skincare lines and they have either further irritated my skin or been no help at all. I really enjoy this product. I do not experience breakouts anymore, therefore, there is nothing to pick so scaring is getting less and less. I am so grateful and pleased and recommend it to my students and fellow teachers!

Love my skin!!

I was so excited to receive this in the mail 2 weeks ago. I started using it that day and I've noticed a visible difference in the tone of my skin around my eyes and overall. I can also FEEL the difference!! No dirt or grime on my face anymore! I love this product and will be buying again.

The hype is real.

So I’ve always had pretty good skin, but once I start running (especially in hot weather) my skin starts to patch up and results in a blotchy pattern. I absolutely hate it and it makes me not want to work out, but I love long-distance running and so I pretty much just dealt with it, but I heard about Fré from an instagramer and one thing lead to another and I basically couldn’t stop reading good review after good review. I’ve been using this product for a little over a week and I’m already seeing results. My skin is adapting quite well and the patchiness is going away, slowly but surely. Now I actually look forward to running in hot weather!


I have been using this combination of products for about 2 weeks, I must say after a week I started to notice a difference in my skin, the products are light weight and feel good on the skin. I'm trying to figure out where this has been all my life..


i love the three products because they are really moisturizing, and they also spell amazing too! These products also make my skin super soft because of the little exfoliation in the cleanser. It is just an overall great brand, which also gives life to a argan tree after every purchase!!

Love it!

I have naturally dry skin especially during the winter, which can make sweating painful and uncomfortable. FRE has keep my face moisturized and I've noticed the difference within a couple weeks! It's a low maintenance regimen that I will continue to recommend!

Great product

I honestly love the smell of these products. They smell like fresh lemon and I love the beads in the purify me. Everytime I use the product my skin feels so fresh and has gotten so much softer since using it. I love these products!

Skin care

So far I’m loving my new products and have used them faithfully before and after workout

So far so good

Have been using this for about 2 weeks. I am active everyday & so far this appears to be working well with my skin. Hope to continue to see results as more time goes by. I’m not a fan of the smell but some ppl seem to really like it. I guess I’m just use to my products not having any fragrance.

It works!!

All I have to say is that this skincare line works! I’m 38 years old and have FINALLY found something that balances my skin. I teach hot yoga 4 times a week and practice daily. This is the only skin care line that has kept me hydrated and breakout free! Killer product, FRE! Thank you!!

So far so good!

The lotion is a bit heavy but I LOVE the way Revive Me makes my skin feel after I work out! Acne on my cheeks hasn't gone away just yet but fingers crossed that'll change soon!


So refreshing!!!!! Smells so good and the beads feel so good on my face. I think this is my favorite facewash ive ever used. Its already clearing up my acne and ive only been using for about a week and a half. Buy this!

Excited to see change.

I’ve suffered from acne for about 3 years now (and been on antibiotics 3 times with no lasting success). I’ve only been using FRÉ for a couple of weeks so I’m not going to lie and say it’s changed my skin completely already because I still have spots and discolouration BUT the worse patches are slowly improving and the skin around them is GLOWING. I love how everything feels on my skin - so soft and gentle!
I also love the ethos of the brand and the fact it’s vegan and cruelty free! My only issue is that the price tag hurts my heart a little bit but I think it will be worth it when my skin has cleared up even more! Definitely worth the investment.

Fre Skincare is Great

Fre is so nice. The cleanser scrub feels great on your face. It feels really clean after and fresh. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle, even though I use pretty small amounts. The serum is great too, but I don't like how it makes my face look a little oily. However, I think it needs to do that absorb into my skin so it is great. And the lotion has SPF so it is very healthy for you :) I like it all.


I've been using the 123FRÉ skincare set everyday I workout for two weeks now and I have already been able to see/feel a difference! I LOVE it! The products smell good and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin (I’ve also been told by others I’m glowing :)!) I feel more confident and I love the fact that this skin line is made for women with an active and sweaty lifestyle, so it feels like it was made for me.

I am in LOVE

I have been using the 123FRÉ skincare set everyday for a week now and I have already been able to see/feel a difference! I am in LOVE! The products smell great and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. My skin is much softer & I’ve been told I’m glowing✨! I also feel more confident in my skin! I love the fact that this skin line is made for women with an active ‍♀️sweaty lifestyle, so it feels like it was made for me! I love that FRÉ is 100% vegan and has natural ingredients made with a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells—So it smells amazing and does wonders for the skin at the same time! AND my other favorite part of this brand is that an Argan Tree of Life is planted for every set sold. I love that you are giving back to the earth . Best, Maria✨

Feels great!

Less steps to use and feels light on my face. Great smell!

Best Facial Line I’ve EVER used!!!

I have used my fair share of facial products over the years. I have oily skin so I always wanted products that wouldn’t make me super oily. Well friends, Fré has made such a thing. The whole line is light and refreshing and the moisturizer leaves my skin feeling refreshed and not weighted down or oily. Thanks for making an amazing skin care line for us girls who workout!!!

5 stars!

Love this product. Has a nice mild scent and is very light feeling. My skin feels so fresh and clean.


I am 59 years old and don’t work out heavily. My skin has never looked and felt so good. Will continue to use this product for a long time. My husband says I glow. Thank you


This is my first time using a natural vegan skincare regimen and I was hesitant to say the least. I was sure my face would break out, especially when I get monthly period outbreaks. Not only have I had no acne issues, I haven’t had that painful stinging in my eyes when I sweat in a hot yoga studio. My only complaint is I wish I had found this sooner!


I had been using generic face wash products from department stores for years. I started noticing my face was breaking out more and becoming dull. I work out every morning and after sweating I didn't know any different than to just go ahead and put makeup on. After following other girls who workout on Instagram, I noticed a lot of them were using Fré and having amazing results. I decided to give it a shot and fell in love! My skin is rejuvenated, glowing, clear and silky smooth! I absolutely love these products.

The best

This product has truly changed my skin. I have tried many things in the past but this is unlike any other product. So light yet moisturizing and cleaning! I would recommend highly to anyone who works out often!


I've always had problems with my acne, so I've tried a whole assortment of different skin products. Unfortunately, the ones that worked the best felt the worst on my skin. I was using products that felt like they were burning because I thought that would be the only way to help my acne. But FRE has worked better for my skin than any other product and it actually feels really good to put on. I actually enjoy putting it on. Great product, glad I stumbled upon it!

Easy and Perfect

In only a week I noticed my skin not only felt but looked better. As a personal trainer I'm constantly in the gym and I've been searching for a skincare regimen that can keep up. Since using FRE my skin is glowing and breakouts have been declining, making my skin clearer and more even every day.

Great Product

I sweat, A LOT. More than any of teammates on the numerous soccer teams I was on growing up. While most face washes I was using made my skin feel "clean" after I used them, none of them made my skin feel re-hydrated or refreshed the way FRE does. I think it is really important for women who workout to have a skincare specifically targeting what we need to replenish our skin after a tough sweat. Love the product and will continue to use!


I love this serum! It’s truly amazing! I got it in my Ipsy bag last month and I loved it so much that I purchased the full size! It makes my skin feel so hydrated, but not greasy which is a plus! A little product goes a long way and it quickly absorbs into your skin. I have oily and acne prone skin and this product does not make me break out at all! I would definitely recommend this product!

Noticeable Results

I've only been using Fre for a month and generally only after days I workout, but I love how soft my skin feels. I was having some skin issues in the creases of my face where my smile breaks; I was getting red, bumpy, dry and irritated skin. I thought I had a great skin routine and felt like this issue came out of nowhere. My usual skin routine wasn't working but adding Fre has helped! I love the smell and how refreshed I feel after using it. I mostly use the Purify and Revive Me since I live in an area where the sun rarely comes out in winter but can't wait to use Protect Me during the summer. I will definitely buy more in the future!


I have been loving my new Fre skincare routine! Very refreshing, smells amazing, and my face has cleared up some so far! My favorite part about it is the fact that it’s vegan, free if the harsh substances a lot of skincare lines use, and i love the paying it forward aspect of them planting trees with each set sold!


Although I've only been using Frè for a short time, I can say I was pleasantly surprised with these products. Purify me has a light citrus smell that is refreshing. Revive me is light and makes my face feel so soft. Protect me is also light and a little goes a long way. So far I have really enjoyed these products.

Frè has awesome Customer Service too! My revive me leaked during shipping and they quickly sent out a replacement.

Life Changing

I've always done the same thing with my skin care. Wash, toner, moisturizer. My skin was always red and angry from having to put so many different things on it. I've struggled with acne my whole life. First, it was crazy teen hormones, then it was simply because I have crazy oily skin. I tried every skin care regiment in the book, even proactiv, and all of it just left my skin so angry. Even when I did Whole30 and gave up all inflammatory foods, I still had skin problems. In the 2 weeks of using Fre, I have noticed significant changes in how my skin feels and how it is reacting to the skin care routine. I was nervous to just wash and moisturize my face, but my skin has been so happy. The redness has gone down significantly and I have stopped having breakouts on my chin. I workout and work outside for a living. This stuff has saved my sanity! One thing I took to heart was when I used Fre for the first time and got into bed, my husband said "I like the way this stuff smells, the other face washes you have been using always smell like chemicals, but this smells really natural." Men aren't face wash experts, but I honestly think that says a lot about this product!


I couldn’t imagine for a better outcome. This product feels amazing on my face and I haven’t seen this much of a difference with any other product I’ve tried!


I received a small sample of the serum. Within a week I noticed my skin felt softer and awake. Within two weeks my pores were smaller, and my face had a more even tone. My skin has never looked so good! I really can’t say enough about it. It is definitely worth the money!

My skin can breathe!

The first time I washed my face in the shower with Revive Me, I could feel my skin BREATHE! It was amazing. I have never felt that before. After showering, I use the serum. It is light, fragrant, and moisturizes my skin fully. I don't need much, either. I follow that with the Protect Me moisturizer/sun screen. My face has a reddish tone, but this product seems to have calmed my skin down. I love it!

Love it!

I am obsessing over this face wash! I am so surprised on how much better my skin feels after using this only for two weeks. I usually hate putting anything on my face but the 123 serum is great! It doesn’t leave you skin feeling oily or loaded down with lotion. It’s the perfect combination.

Love it

I love How it feels on my face, it’s so soft and gentle. It makes my skin clear and glowy. So in love with the way it smells! It’s so light and natural .... Would recommend :)

Great product, really fresh!

I have a hard time believing ‘light serums’ and this really is light and doesn’t clog pores. It’s so fresh feeling and the micro beads aren’t rough, there aren’t many of them. It also smells really good which i appreciate!


I've had horrible skin forever - have tried everything under the sun and this FINALLY worked. Can't wait to get the other products in the line!!


I love this stuff

Noticeable Difference

I have been using the regimen for about 2 weeks now and already feel a difference in my skin. My acne and acne marks have been clearing up and my skin just feels more moist. I do have an issue with having oily skin, and I feel like this has enhanced it and I've been extra oily. I am still learning the a little bit of product goes a long way, this product is going to last forever!

So wonderful I could cry

I have literally never found a face wash etc that has made me look or feel any different. Fre has worked!!!!!! In every way. I feel amazing. Thank you so much. I feel so much more confident and clean and wonderful about every drop of sweat. Perfect compliment to my vegan & athletic life. ❤️

Great for dry mature skin too!

I’m a busy 42 year old Mum of 2 who loves working out in the gym 4 times a week. As you can imagine my life is quite manic. I suffer with very dry skin and open pores caused from exercise. I was looking for a skincare range which would be simple to use, smooth my dry skin and help slow down the ageing process. I’d send various posts regarding Fre on Instagram and o was intrigued about this skincare range suitable for gym going people, however mosts of the reviews were from people with oily skin so I was unsure if it would work for me with dry skin. I emailed Fre and they assured me I would be happy with my purchase or I could get my money back. So I thought let’s give it a go as i had nothing to lose. 2 weeks into using the Fre skincare range and I can not only see my pores reducing but my skin feels calm and soft. It’s like my skin is gaining back it’s youth and looking more radiant. I would totally recommend you give this skincare range a try. It’s amazing .

Such a blessing.

I’m so happy with this product. My skin feels so...healthy. It cleared up my acne that I got from a different product (Tula) AND those little pimples that never really surface. I can’t say enough about this. I recommend it to everyone I see, everyone in my family, and I’m recommending it on my personal IG. It’s something you can feel good about putting on your skin. And it’s our largest organ...we should take better care of it. I love this product and completely recommend it.

Glowing Skin!

I recently purchased FRÉ skincare products because my skincare regimen that I've used since high school was no longer working for my skin. I am 24, and I was looking for a product that would help bring moisture back to my skin. The previous product I used had salycilic acid and recently starting stripping my skin so much that there was severe peeling. I decided I needed to add moisture back into my routine to help avoid breakouts and keep my skin healthy and glowing! I chose FRÉ because of its ability to help with aging due to sweat and because of the companies business initiatives! It's definitely safe to say that I will be buying this product from now on! It smells amazing and make my skin feel so soft and clean! Thank you FRÉ for being a brand I can trust and giving my glow back to me!

Better than I had even hoped for

I work out A LOT and it was beginning to take a toll on my skin. Harsh elements, sweat, and aging combined to make me feel self-conscious about my skin. After using a very expensive skin care regimen (R&F) for a little over a year, my skin seemed to getting even worse. Took a chance on this product and am seeing significant improvements in only two weeks. My crows feet have all but disappeared, I now wear little to makeup. This is the first review I have ever left for an online purchase, want to let people know that this is definitely worth the investment.


Being a cyclist in Texas, I am dealt with all kinds of weather, especially heat. With that, comes a lot of sweat. Come winter, my skin particularly turns into a monster with thecombination of the cold air drying it out, and sweat build up from being on the bike (especially across my forehead where my helmet sits!) . That's why when I first heard about FRÉ, I knew it was something I wanted to try. I have been using the 123FRÉ set for about a week now; my skin already feels more hydrated, and my breakouts are clearing up.

The reviews are true!

I exercise daily, I run and I take bar fitness classes. I started using the FRÉ set about a week ago and my skin is already healthier. Every once in a while I get under the skin pimples that leaves red spots/marks on my skin. I also had some wrinkles forming on my forehead. Since using the set I've noticed that both scars and wrinkles are fading and I haven't gotten any more breakouts. The cleanser and Revive me serum are amazing, the scent is nice and not overpowering. My only complaint is that I find the Protect me moisturizer a little bit too thick.

I’m so impressed!

I’ve had such a hard time finding the right fit for my skin and so i am so impressed with FRE because my skin hasn’t been this clear in years! It’s amazing quality! I love that’s it’s perfect for my sweaty active lifestyle too. Thank you fre!

Love this!

This facial moisturizer is so light and fresh scented. I am an avid gym goer, and I always work up a sweat and prone to breakouts. Since using this, I'm not breaking out anymore, and my face isn't greasy or shiny. This product is definitely being added to my morning regimen.


I work in a gym, run outside, and teach classes each day so I needed something to help my skin! During times of high stress I would get cystic acne alongside my general breakout from sweat. When I finally decided to purchase this product (I had been wavering because of the price) I was extremely stressed out due to some personal things occurring and had tried face masks, every DIY remedy and I could not get my face under control. After only using this product for 2 weeks (for 2 weeks while dealing with a death in the family) my face is clearer than it ever has been. I didn't get any cystic acne that I had to worry about when speaking at the funeral or when spending time with family during the difficult time.I only have to wear tinted moisturizer when I go out now! This has changed my life and helped my face recover so much. I have more confidence when working and working out now, as I'm not worried about the huge cystic acne spot on my cheek! I can't say enough good things about this product and am telling you that you need to buy it if you have trouble with your skin and live an active lifestyle! I am literally sitting in my office at the gym writing this because I believe so strongly in it!