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High-impact workouts combined with environmental factors can cause facial skin damage & premature aging. Women who exercise strenuously have specific facial care needs, requiring special formulas and textures. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, athletes are at an increased risk of skin cancer due to the combination of sweat that increases the photosensitivity of skin and over-exposure to the sun.


Natural innovation: Argania Active Complex©

Our dermatological and botanical experts have identified a natural plant that can address the effects of intense exercise and sweat on facial skin. Meet the Argania Spinosa, aka Argan, a highly resilient and adaptable tree that grows in the deserts of Southern Morocco. For generations, this humble tree has been hailed by indigenous populations as a kind of wonder plant because of the intensely nourishing properties of its oil, which reputedly helps prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and rheumatism. The oil's high proportion of potent antioxidants and fatty acids has made it a popular ingredient in treatments for dry hair and scaly skin. The FRÉ researchers have proceeded several steps beyond the traditional uses of Argan oil by creating a unique formula known as Argania Active Complex© out of the kernel and the leaf of the Argan tree.

A comprehensive skincare solution

The 123FRÉ Skincare Resilience Set addresses skincare concerns of women who work out in a comprehensive way.

Used pre and post-exercise on workout days and daily on non-workout days, the 123FRÉ 3-step treatment is designed to:

Clinically proven, revolutionary formula and texture, formulated for sweating skin

FRÉ is at the forefront of research, developing textures and formulas that protect the skin, while also feeling natural and light-weight when sweating.

Our Protect Me product combines a broad spectrum of SPF 30 for protection from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, with potent antioxidants against IRA (sun infrared radiation), photo-aging, dark spots and other environmental damage. Its ultra-light texture feels natural on the skin during sweat-inducing activities. It does not clog pores or sting eyes, and is water resistant for 80 minutes.


Our team of dermatological scientists specializes in analyzing the effects of intense exercise, sweat, sun and outdoors conditions on facial skin. These are the results of their research:

Collagen Degeneration and Elasticity Loss

Collagen degeneration and elasticity loss can be aggravated by regular intense exercise.

Premature Aging

Premature aging is accelerated by sun damage, which is intensified when the skin's photosensitivity is increased by sweat.

Loss of Key Vitamins and Minerals

Key minerals and vitamins are lost throught sweat during exercise (Lactate, Urea, Magnesium, Glycine, Citrulline, Creatinine and Uric Acid).

Irritation, Redness and Itching

The skin's delicate pH balance is upset by sweat that remains on the skin's surface, causing irritation, redness, itching and blotchiness.


Pimples, blackheads and blotches are typical breakout symptoms, which are triggered when facial skin pores are clogged by sweat, combined with everyday grime.

Sun-Damaged skin from UVA, UVB & IRA & Dark Spots

The sun's ultra-violet rays (UVA and UVB) have a harmful effect on skin, regardless of the weather (approx. 80% of these rays can pass through clouds). The sun's infra-red rays (IRA) generate free radicals and have a premature photo-aging impact.

Over Dryness

Dehydration and over-dryness caused by sweat are worsened by extreme weather and environmental conditions.


Talia Sutra

Yoga Teacher

"I have been dreaming about the perfect moisturizer for a LONG time. For years now, I have been searching for a green, vegan, human face cream that actually works. FRÉ is all natural, lightweight, sweat resistant and has SPF 30 that is non-comedogenic. I have been using FRÉ for the past six months and it has not only improved the health of my skin, but more importantly it has improved my quality of (very active) life."


Singer & Runner

“I run on the beach at least 4 times a week on mornings and am aware that running outdoors so frequently is not ideal for my skin. I have adopted FRÉ as my daily skincare routine because it prevents long-term skin damage related to my active life and has strong anti-aging benefits. Since I have been using 123FRÉ, I feel my skin is protected, smoother and more radiant, enjoying the positive aspects of workout without suffering from its damage."

Customer Reviews

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Yes yes yes!

I have been practicing hot yoga for years and became a teacher less than a year ago. Being in the hot room on a daily basis was wreaking havoc on my skin. And, unfortunately, I am a picker! I have tried lots of skincare lines and they have either further irritated my skin or been no help at all. I really enjoy this product. I do not experience breakouts anymore, therefore, there is nothing to pick so scaring is getting less and less. I am so grateful and pleased and recommend it to my students and fellow teachers!

Love my skin!!

I was so excited to receive this in the mail 2 weeks ago. I started using it that day and I've noticed a visible difference in the tone of my skin around my eyes and overall. I can also FEEL the difference!! No dirt or grime on my face anymore! I love this product and will be buying again.

The hype is real.

So I’ve always had pretty good skin, but once I start running (especially in hot weather) my skin starts to patch up and results in a blotchy pattern. I absolutely hate it and it makes me not want to work out, but I love long-distance running and so I pretty much just dealt with it, but I heard about Fré from an instagramer and one thing lead to another and I basically couldn’t stop reading good review after good review. I’ve been using this product for a little over a week and I’m already seeing results. My skin is adapting quite well and the patchiness is going away, slowly but surely. Now I actually look forward to running in hot weather!


I have been using this combination of products for about 2 weeks, I must say after a week I started to notice a difference in my skin, the products are light weight and feel good on the skin. I'm trying to figure out where this has been all my life..


i love the three products because they are really moisturizing, and they also spell amazing too! These products also make my skin super soft because of the little exfoliation in the cleanser. It is just an overall great brand, which also gives life to a argan tree after every purchase!!