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Sweat bumps which are also known as prickly heat or heat rash, appear in areas that sweat a lot or constantly come into contact with sweat. Sweat bumps on neck often form from the sweat running from the head, face and down the neck. The bumps form when sweat is trapped in the skin. This is why it is a problem that afflicts those who live in places with hot, humid climates and those who are physically active such as those who work out often. Sweat bumps can also form as a result of sweat glands becoming blocked in the middle of the epidermis.
When sweat cannot flow out of the skin pores but remains trapped, it finds an outlet through the epidermis which is the upper skin layer. Sweat trickling into this layer of the skin causes a lot of irritation and a lot of numerous lesions we are calling sweat bumps. While the condition is not a serious medical one, it causes a lot of discomfort. A serious case can also make the neck look unsightly. It is also important that steps are taken to address the problem because sometimes, they are a sign of heat stroke which can be fatal.

Symptoms Of Swea Bumps:


  • A common sign is a spread of pinhead size red bumps. Apart from the neck, they may also appear on the back, armpits, on the groin and the stomach. They also form on areas that are exposed to heat like the back of the hands.
  • Prickliness and irritation also occur. The bumps tend to swell and then burst releasing the trapped sweat which can cause a lot of itching.
  • The bumps may get filled with pus which is usually sterile. However, the constant itching can cause a secondary pyogenic infection.
  • Burning, tingling and itchiness which are made worse when one sweats and the sweat comes into contact with the bumps.

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They are home remedies that are said to be able to remove sweat bumps. They include:


  • Taking cool showers at least twice a day. This will ease the itchiness and prickly sensation and also wash away sweat to ensure new bumps don't form.
  • Applying pure Aloe Vera gel
  • Avoiding direct heat as much as possible by wearing sunglasses, a hat and scarf when in the sun.
  • Wearing clothes made of natural, breathable fabrics like cotton and avoiding synthetic ones like nylon.

Effective And Permanent Solution

While these at-home solutions may work, they only offer temporary relief rather than a permanent solution. You may, therefore, find yourself dealing with sweat bumps every now and again if you remain in the hot climate or have an active lifestyle.

FRÉ To The Rescue

They saw the problem and the gap in the market for skincare products for active skin and a group of botanists and dermatologists teamed up to find a solution. The result was the first ever line of skin care products for skin that sweats - the FRÉ range. FRÉ is based on the Argania Active Complex, an innovative use of Argan combining organic Argan oil, Argan water leaf extract and stem cells.

FRÉ products will set you free to maintain your active lifestyle of frequent workouts without compromising the condition and appearance of your skin. FRÉ products come in the 123 FRÉ Set. The set contains:


  • Protect Me, a moisturizer formulated for active skin that sweats. The hypoallergenic formula will not clog pores and has a very light texture so it is fast-absorbing and will feel natural even when you are working out. It is also water resistant for a period of 80 minutes.
  • Purify Me, a cleanser with argan and jojoba that will not get the sweat off but also hydrate, soothe and rebalance your skin even after a tough workout.
  • Revive Me, a serum for daily use that soothes skin that has been active and fights the short and long term effects of sweat combining with sun rays and other environmental elements. It gives the skin a blast of moisture and vitamins

Fight Your Sweat Bumps With

The 123FRÉ Set


Forever Clear

Order your 123FRÉ Set and see those sweat bumps on neck clear up. Use the products consistently and you can be sure they will stay away forever.


Step 1: "Protect Me"
1.Apply to facial, neck, and décolleté skin prior to workout.
2.Massage until fully absorbed.
Step 2: "Purify Me"
1. Apply directly to skin post-workout.
2. Massage into skin with a facial sponge.
3. Rinse.
Step 3: "Revive Me"
1. Apply several drops of serum to clean skin.
2. Massage for overall coverage.

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