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If your gym sessions or a run outside leave you with a bumpy rash on your face, then you most likely have a problem with sweat spots on face. The spots form when sweat doesn't get out through the skin pores like it should. This could be because the sweat ducts or pores are clogged. This sets up a vicious cycle where the clogged pores get inflamed which forms sweat spots. The spots then swell, burst open and release the trapped sweat and grime which stings the skin surrounding it.

Getting rid of sweat spots on face and other parts of the body is challenging, given that sweating cannot be stopped or controlled. Therefore, if you work out often or are often out running or working in the sun then sweat spots may be a frequent and irritating problem.

Perhaps you have taken other measures like working out in absorbent, workout gear to let your skin breathe. You may also have been careful to keep your skin clean and your pores before and after every workout. You might have gone further and stopped using fragranced skin products. If your sores had become infected with bacteria when they got itchy and you scratched them, then perhaps you used topical and oral antibiotics. If it is your sweat ducts that were blocked, perhaps you started using anhydrous lanolin, given that it helps to prevent blockage; only for the problem to recur after a few days or weeks.

Blazing the trail with products for sweating skin

If you are at your wit's end, help is at hand. The helping hand and permanent solution you have been searching for is the FRÉ range of skincare products. It is the spearhead brand of products for skin that often sweats. It has since become the frontier and benchmark of such products, given that there was no such product before.

Post-Workout Skincare

The science and botanic expertise behind FRÉ

FRÉ came to be when a team of botanists and dermatologists were brought together to analyze what the skin of those who often worked out needed in terms of skin care. The search took the team to the deserts of South Morocco where they came across the Argan tree. The resilient tree thrived in the hot sun and that gave them a clue; it must have something in it that kept alive and growing despite the harsh desert conditions. They were right; it had Argan oil in its leaves and kernels. They examined the oil and found that it was full of some very potent content that gave it such strong healing qualities; sterols, fatty acids, stem cells and a unique mix of antioxidants.

The wondrous discovery was taken to the lab where it was used to develop the unique Argania Active Complex ©. The complex was used to create three products that were exactly what sweating skin needed;

  • Protect Me, a moisturizer that will guard your skin with the dedication of a soldier. An SPF of 30 will keep the sun's rays out. It will also keep water out for more than an hour. It's very light in texture and quickly and deeply absorbed.
  • Purify Me, a facial cleanser that leaves the skin and pores completely clean and soft and smooth thanks to gentle exfoliating action. The cleanser also leaves the skin rehydrated thanks to jojoba and Argan oils as well as rebalanced to its normal pH.
  • Revive Me, a serum that puts back the moisture and vitamins lost when you were working out. This serum will also encourage your skin to produce collagen and new skin cells.

The Solution: 123FRÉ Skin Care Treatment

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I have to say that I was blown away by the quality of the products! There simply is no other way to put it. And what surprised me most was that I wasn't the only one to notice that my skin looked better; people complimented me for having this "certain glow".


I have a very sensitive skin (that easily gets irritated from sweating during workout and from the changing weather conditions here) and the Fré samples calmed and soothed the skin directly after the first use.

Get Set!

The products come in the 123 FRÉ Set. Get the set and sweat sores on face will be a post-workout problem that you used to have.

123FRÉ Facial Skincare Routine

Step 1: "Protect Me"
  1. Apply to facial, neck, and décolleté skin prior to workout.
  2. Massage until fully absorbed.
Step 2: "Purify Me"
  1. Apply directly to skin post-workout.
  2. Massage into skin with a facial sponge.
  3. Rinse.
Step 3: "Revive Me"
  1. Apply several drops of serum to clean skin.
  2. Massage for overall coverage.
123FRE Set
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FRÉ Skincare Natural Ingredients

You don't have to compromise between exercise and your skin health. Inspired by active and resilient women, FRÉ skincare products are specially formulated to help protect, cleanse, and repair skin that has undergone damage caused by sweat, environmental factors and intense exercise. Launched in October 2016, we are committed to promoting healthy beauty in motion thanks to our botanical-based research & development.