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Five Awesome Components of Argan Oil

by SEO ISRAEL January 20, 2017

Components of argan oil - olives

When it comes to skincare products and even cosmetics, natural oils are the best. One of the most popular natural oils that started a wave of skin and hair products is Argan oil or Argania spinosa.It is one of the best gifts from Mother Nature and has been dubbed 'liquid gold'. This unique oil comes from Argan nuts which grow mostly in the Morocco's southwestern semi-desert regions.

Properties of Argan oil

Argan oil has a number of properties that make it such a powerful skincare ingredient:

Its high vitamin E content

Argan oil is very rich in Vitamin E which makes it a rich moisturizer that keeps skin soft and smooth. A tablespoon of olive oil has about two milligrams of Vitamin E while Argan oil has twice as much. This Vitamin E is found naturally in Argan oil making it one of the purest sources.

Different fatty acids

Argan oil  for skin has a number of different fatty acids. Oleic acid is one of them. It has the most concentrated fatty acid in Argan oil. Oleic acid is best sourced from foods that have it naturally. It is very effective in lowering blood sugar and it is a great skin conditioner. The acid keeps skin tissue strong and fights off toxins.

However, it is important to note that oleic acid can cause acne unless a product has sufficient linoleic acid. The good news is that Argan oil has this type of fatty acid. In addition to balancing out oleic acids, foods with linoleic acid are beneficial to colon and rectal cancer patients. It is also effective for weight loss.

The other fatty acids in the oil including stearic acid are helpful in removing the toxins that get inside the body through the skin. Specifically, stearic acid helps to make Argan oil and its other components stable and effective.

Natural antioxidants

Argan oil has four natural antioxidants. One of them is squalene which works much like Vitamin E does. It helps to fight off toxins and eliminate them from the body. It also keeps the skin smooth and supple. Another type of antioxidant found in Argan oil is sterols which defend the skin against harmful free radicals and toxins.

Superior healing properties

Argan oil has superior healing properties. This come from triterpene alcohols which make them oil very effective in treating skin problems like acne and eczema. Another component of this oil is polyphenols which work very well in combination with the triterpene alcohols. The both enhance the condition of the skin by keeping it soft, supple and protected against environmental factors.

Keeping skin young

Argan oil is also very effective in delaying the signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. It contains saponins which are skin-softening agents that keep the skin supple and plumped up so that lines and wrinkles don't show on it. Argan oil also reduces wrinkles by restoring the hydro-lipid layer on the skin.

Argan is the best skincare ingredient for women who often work out

FRÉ dermatological and botanical experts who were in search of a solution to the skin problems experienced by women who worked out often and love sweating. The FRÉ researchers found that Argan oil ticked off all the boxes of the quality of skin care products they wanted for women who exercise. To maximize argan skincare performance and customize it to the needs of active women, FRÉ researchers recommended to innovate in the way Argan is used, combining Argan organic oil, leaf water extract and stem cells in a powerful complex.

They invented a unique formula known as Argania Active Complex on which FRÉ products are based. The FRÉ solution is based on a 3-step skincare routine customized for women who workout:

  1. Protect Me, an ultra-light defense facial moisturizer (SPF30)
  2. Purify Me, a hydrating cleanser
  3. Revive Me, a replenishing serum.

With their Argan Active Complex, FRÉ products celebrate beauty in motion. Women who often work out can appreciate that can enjoy sweating without worrying for their skinand  post-workout problems like sweat blisters.
Sweat with FRÉ, live free of post-workout skin problems & love your glow!

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